Monday, March 10, 2014

Eli lately

I took some photo of Eli a day or two ago and wanted to share them here:

Eli is two years old, he'll be three in July, and he has just recently become a bit testy. I'm thinking he may pull out the "terrible twos" just a little late. So he spends a bit of time here in his bed, taking a time-out.

Generally he is really easy to discipline. A quick time-out and he is back to his happy, easy-going self. Sometimes he will even apologize before he even gets to time out! It melts my heart. Occasionally he will pinch or bite if he gets really frustrated. Thankfully that is happening less and less now that he is able to talk more clearly.


Now that he is talking more clearly we are getting to know his personality a little bit better. Of course we all think that he is so stinking cute!!! He has started to try to be funny and get us to laugh at him. He has started to talk more simply for the sake of communication. He often comes up with quite clever things to say. Like yesterday he said "I am a boy. Not a beetle, or a bug." Love it!


He is very curious and inquisitive. He is quiet and serious and compassionate. He is amazingly smart!! He already knows most of his letters and numbers, colors, shapes and animals. He is learning letter sounds and he is asking more to be read specific words. When we are inside we enjoy painting, reading books, some from the Library, some from home. He usually has two or three that he enjoys having read to him every day. He enjoys "Bear Snores On" and "Bear's New Friend" He also likes the "Llama Llama" books and "Biscuit".

He said "Mommy, I'm taking a picture of you with my eye!"


He loves to play outside as often as he can. He rides his scooter, jumps in puddles, looks for bugs and runs around like crazy.


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