Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The why behind our what

have been co-leading a Bible Study on the topic of purpose and priorities this month and in all honesty I have found it very easy to slip back into the "right answer" frame of mind. Sometimes I have to sit and wait past the cliche or obvious answer to get to something honest and get at the heart of the topic.

Last night I was watching a random YouTube video and I was deeply impressed with this guy's thoughtfulness about the why behind his living spaces. This was one of those lightbulb moments for me - one of those things that connected the dots for me on the topic of purpose.  He spoke so eloquently about how he wanted his home to be a refuge and how he created specific spaces to give his home that feeling of shelter and comfort but then he also took great pride in the view and connected that with an ancestral priority to establish oneself in a place that had both a prospect (a good view) and shelter. 

Purpose. The purpose of our lives, of life as a whole as well as my life - individually and uniquely and irreplaceably my own.

That is hard for me. In a world where everything seems replaceable and is often replaced by the newest model and where our lives are often transient and rarely settled. It is hard to think of anything or even anyone that could be truly irreplaceable. It is almost impossible for me to think of myself as irreplaceable or as of having an irreplaceable purpose.

It's hard for me because I tend to be so busy with the what of life - what to do, what to say, what to wear, what to eat... and I get so caught up with the what that I forget the why. 
Why am I doing this instead of that? 
Why am I going to make this a big deal but let that slide? 

The why it is really important - even if, maybe especially if I feel like my life is small and insignificant. It is important because sometimes it feels like our lives our shaping us more than that we are shaping our own lives. 

For this guy in the video the why motivated his what, it was underneath it and all of his whats flowed out of his whys. His thoughtfulness about the life he wanted to create for himself was inspiring to me. I want to be more like that - not just in my homemaking but in my life.

When I get so busy and distracted by the what in my life that I forget the why of my life I am ignoring the One who made me - uniquely, purposefully. I crowd Him out. I get so caught up in trying so very hard to become more like the person I think I ought to be instead of ask God who he already made me to be and then just be that and let all of the doing flow from there.

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