Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lessons learned from the other day

The other day I grabbed a shirt I received from a friend but haven't had the nerve to try, just because it was the only thing that was clean! And I felt so put together! 

On this same day Eli, who is usually pretty well behaved, went on a streak of exceptionally good behavior. He walked in and out of stores with me without an antic or a complaint. We went to small group and the grocery store and the park. We breezed through our morning. I felt a little bit like a fake. You know? Most mornings I'm not that put together and mornings aren't that easy. In fact this is me this morning, in my "get stuff done" sweatshirt with my girls.

Yeah, my house is a disaster - almost a week of snow days will do that! We've got bedrooms (mostly) cleaned and my kitchen is next. For lunch today I ate a bowl of ice cream with a banana and melted peanut butter - because I refuse to eat another sandwich or bowl of cereal - something we got a lot of while we were iced in and I totally spaced out at the grocery store yesterday and only got what I needed to make a cake for the Hubs for Valentine's Day. 

This is my hubs, covered in kids, watching TV - probably American Idol or Chopped (on Food Network)
That day I felt like I needed to stop and explain to that mom with her two out-of-control kids that usually I am that mom. I felt like I needed to say "he's not usually this well behavd" and I'm never this put together. And it made me realize something about how I view others. I think now when I see someone's put-togetheredness and I'm tempted to feel inferior, or I see that mom who seems to have all her ducks in a row and I'm tempted to feel like a failure relative to her got-it-all-togetheredness - now I think I'll remind myself that we all have our mess. We don't always post about it on our Instagram or write about it on Facebook - but it's there. It may take different forms but we all have it. 

Well, this blog post sounded better in my head, but I'm going to publish it anyway...

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