Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I am going to feel better

One of the blessings of having a bunch of little kids is there are fewer moments to stand sobbing in the shower. You just have to "dry it up" because somebody needs you. You move on, let it go, just as an act of pure necessity. The flip side of having most of my kids at school is that every now and then I get stuck in my own funk. 

The other morning I was there. Stressed out, feeling poorly, in a funk. I sat there thinking to myself I just feel soooooo bad! 

And then...

I thought okay but what is one thing I can do to feel better?

I can't change my circumstances at the moment. I can't change that it's just that time of the month. I can't change the weather that is currently gray and cold and rainy. But I can do one thing.

I can be present with Eli. I can read his favorite book to him and soak in his sweetness. I can laugh with him. 

You know what? I got up and I did that one thing. I talked to my two year old. I got down on the floor with him and looked him in the eye and the sun came out and I did feel better.  

Some days it means taking a step back, taking a bath and having a moment of quiet after a day of sibling squabbles. 

Some days it means taking a shower getting dressed and getting out of the house. 

Some moments it's texting my little sister.

In this moment - there is still stress. In the "hallway" season I'm in, between one thing and the next, waiting for doors to open or close, sitting up late talking over decisions that need to be made. Everything isn't going to work itself out in a minute but right now I'm choosing to feel better. And that is something.


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  1. Thank you for this today... I needed to read it :) I've been in a ridiculous funk the last few days, and need to shake it.


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