Monday, February 3, 2014

I, Volunteer

Tonight (Friday) my church will host their annual dinner and volunteer award show and it is a Big Deal. Everybody dresses up and childcare is provided(!!!).  I'm not gonna lie, the day of the Big Show I woke up stressing about what I was going to wear and how I was going to accessorize and was texting my best friend and my sister about all these little details. They are awesome and haven't stopped replying to texts... yet.

As I'm sitting here though, thinking about what a blessing it has been to be involved in the volunteer force behind the scenes at my church, I don't know - something inside of me shifts. Settles down and sits back to see the big picture.

I remember, about this time last year, I sent a text message to the nursery coordinator that wound up changing how I see myself as a volunteer. Up until that point I volunteered regularly but I would kind of roll my eyes and think "time to volunteer again." Until that text.

In that text I volunteered to be in the nursery every week - same room, same time, every week. If I'm honest with myself I remember secretly thought I was going above and beyond. I also thought it would be easier on my kids if our routine was the same every week but I had no idea how this small step would open my eyes.

For one thing, it opened my eyes to just how many hard working faithful volunteers my church has. As we moved into offering three services every week I watched my sweet brothers and sisters serve and serve - many working every service, every week with a humble attitude and sweet sprit. I realized I wasn't going above and beyond - they were.

For another it totally changed how I feel about being a volunteer. To watch a child go from screaming hysterically every week to coming into the nursery with a smile - that is a blessing. To know all these little people by name - that is a blessing. To make friends with someone new who I never would have met if she weren't handing her little bundle of joy over the baby gate every Sunday morning - that is a blessing. To sit and chat between diaper changes and feedings with ladies I only see in the nursery - that is a blessing.  If there is a week I can't be in the nursery I really don't know what to do with myself and miss it terribly.

Last week I saw one of the moms from my small group volunteering for the first time. She was standing by the doors with a huge smile on her face. Seeing her there made my heart want to explode! I can't wait to see more of my ladies in my small group get to know the blessing of being a volunteer.

This title is inspired by the movie title I, Fankenstien. Yes, I'm terrible at coming up with blog post titles! The picture is the dress I wore to The Big Show and the award I received as a nominee for volunteer if the year in the category of Nursery Workers :)

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