Friday, November 1, 2013

Why? Part 2: Impatience & stillness

So I've been struggling to work out the why - why don't I come to God more fully? More frequently? Why do I run around with my paper plate snacking on the world when God invites me to the table to eat a meal with him. I've been blogging about it kind of obsessively lately. You can read previous posts here and here

In the glimpses and pieces of this I'm hoping I start to see a bigger picture to what holds me back from coming and being satisfied in God.

Here is one more piece of my answer:


It's hard to just be still. It's hard to sit down and really feast on God's word. I'd rather get a quick word here and a worship song there as I dash around my day, not unlike the poor ball in a pinball machine. When I do sit down I struggle with the parade of thoughts that instantly want to march across my brain. It takes patience to let that pass and wait for the calm. 

I struggle to see God at work in me. I tend to see my failure and my flaws instead of God's breathtaking artistry in my soul. I change so slowly. That is hard for me. 

Today I think part of the answer is stillness.

There are some awesome scriptures on simple being still. 

I will quiet you with my love

Stillness. It's the opposite of impatience and it's what I need if I'm going to come.

Why? Part 1 Surrender

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