Saturday, November 2, 2013

Not what I'd planned

Today's post is not what I'd planned. 

I have a bunch of links I was wanting to share, cute ideas for fall and a video that made me cry.

But this morning started out with an unhappy surprise:

It was 7am and only a couple kids were up, quietly playing on the computer. I hear a crash and what sounds like glass and I run to the Living Room. Thankfully no one is hurt. 
Deep breath. 
The computer, however, has been knocked to the floor and is now sitting in a pile if shattered screen. On a Mac, as you know, this doesn't mean shattered monitor this means busted computer. Cue tears. 

The hubs took it into the apple store earlier today and was able to leave it there to be repaired - but until Wednesday I'll be blogging from my phone. Which is not too bad - it just means no links, and no videos or anything fancy like that.

One blessing of starting the day with so much energy is that we got a lot if cleaning done!! I was in mom over-drive mode. It was a really hard morning and I kept asking myself what and I going to turn to now? As my day got more and more difficult, with a huge bruise from a skateboard and a bleeding toe from the office chair and a day that just will not give me a break. 

Another blessing to this day was this moment: 

He is growing up so fast. Speaking so clearly, learning so much. But here, in this moment, he looked like my baby.

The day did (eventually) turn around. I braided Katie-A's hair and we worked on her math, I snuggled with Jojo and we ate ice cream sandwiches on the trampoline. I doodled with Emma and snuggled with Eli and watched football with Daniel (on and off). 

I have a bunch of posts for next week already half-written which I can not wait to finish and a GREAT song all ready to share tomorrow. So I'll see you there.

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