Monday, November 11, 2013

Answered prayers

This morning as I was going about my day I realized that today feels like a huge answer to years of prayer. I can not tell you how often I have prayed that God would direct my days and especially how I spend my time - only to spend how many days on what feels like nothing. 

Lately I have had growing clarity about the season I'm in right now. It's a quiet season - with not a lot going on, but it's been a powerful season. I have had growing convictions about how I will and won't spend my time and I have found as I have cleared my calander and taken one step of obedience after the next that God has blessed these days. From writing encouraging notes to friends (and writing on this blog!) to play dates with the same few people, cultivating relationships. Serving and giving. Being available. These are what makes the days feel glorious. 

I read this summer, in a book by Anne Morrow Lindbergh called "Gifts from the Sea" that women have no problem being "poured out" we will give and give and give - the problem is when we pour ourselves out and it feels like it's all going down the drain. Then it's easy to get discouraged.

I relate so strongly to that. I pour myself out over and over but so many days it feels like I pour myself out and it goes right down the drain. I give and give and give to empty, life - sucking nothingness. A pursuit of money or attention, seeking comfort and my own happiness over everything else. Or just good old-fashioned distraction.

Sometimes this is only feeling or a perception about something that is, in reality, hugely important - like the early years of my kids lives - it feels a lot like nothing, but in reality it is a lot of small things adding up to the formation of character, which is huge. 

This moment, right here - this Ebenezer, this "God has brought me this far and I will praise him!" moment. I want to take this moment, share it with you and encourage you - wherever you are, whatever you are praying for that God is a God who answers prayer. Not always in the way we had hoped, rarely in the time we thought he should but prayer is ALWAYS answered. 

So here in this moment of clarity I want to testify that God is faithful! He is good. He answers prayer. 

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  1. I SO needed to hear this tonight Faith! Wow, you said that beautifully. Thank you.


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