Monday, October 28, 2013

Mom-tip Monday

Yay! A Mom-tip on a Monday (only because it's actually Friday as I'm writing this.)

Today's Mom-tip is super-simple:

Laugh with them!

I had already made up my mind to have this tip come next when my sister left this comment on my (personal) Facebook page: Busy fingers and time with momma solves a lot of fussing at my house! Oh, and a good tickle session never hurts! I could not agree more. The other day as our morning was quickly spiraling out of control I took Eli out into the sunshine. I tickled him and made him laugh. I chased him and we giggled as we ran around in a circle and jumped on the trampoline. We laid down together in the sunshine and had a little snuggle and suddenly everything was okay again. I felt a million times better and Eli's attention was redirected towards something more positive.

This is true of a lot of relationships. One of my favorite parts about going away on retreat with the ladies at my church (and especially my small group girlfriends) were the laughing-till-my-cheeks-hurt moments. It brought us together as friends. Same can be said of watching a funny show or movie with the family or just the Hubs, or our strobe-light dance parties in the dark (one of our favorite fall activities when Daddy is home!). Giggling with my girls, wrestling with my boys. Laughing with them turns our day around in a hurry. Trying to make my kids laugh also takes the focus off of me - how I'm feeling at the moment, what I want to accomplish right now - and helps me focus on my kids. I'm doing what makes them happy right now. Not just what makes me happy. 

When Eli was smaller peek-a-boo was his favorite activity. We'd laugh and laugh and it didn't get old. We also did patty cake a ton it produced gales of laughter over and over. These days Eli likes me to gobble his face. He calls it "cobble cobble" and it always makes him laugh.

So how about you - what do you do when you're trying to turn your day around? Can't wait to hear your tricks and tips!

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