Monday, September 30, 2013

Worship song of the week

I've had this song stuck in my head this week - the melody/harmony of this song is just so beautiful!

You can listen to my Worship Playlist here for more. This week I created a YouTube playlist for the Retreat Setlist for the Ladies Retreat I'll be going to in the middle of next month! I've loved learning these new songs and letting this music fill my house.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to activate Emoji's on your iPhone

Today I searched for "How to Activate Emoji's"  and every tutorial I read involved downloading and installing an app. I was fairly certain that no app was needed or necessary for activating Emoji's on my iPhone 5 so I figured it out. In case you haven't figured it out yet I give you this: A tutorial on how to activate Emoji's (100% created on my iPhone!) without downloading an app in 5 simple steps. 

Demonstrated on the iPhone 5 iOS7

Step 1: Go to "Settings"
Step 2: Select "International"
Step 3: Choose "Keyboards"
Step 4: Tap on "Add New Keyboard"
Step 5: Scroll down the alphabetical list to "Emoji" select it and you're DONE! 

To use the Emoji's once you have activated them hit the little globe icon that has now appeared on your keyboard.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

One Hundred Mornings: longing

It's been awhile since I wrote anything in my One Hundred Mornings series... this morning it seemed like the only thing to do.

Some mornings
the difficult ones especially
like this morning
when it felt like a fight all the way through...

and trying to teach some independence
and packed lunches
and trying to keep my train of thought
and the repeating refrain 
socks and shoes
over and over
put on your shoes and socks!
(and I'm thinking more and more that maybe Stacey is onto something with her morning routine)

These are the mornings I feel the little pieces of my heart walking around,
get on the bus
(this morning he didn't want to go)
drive away
I ache deep inside
for my littles to make good choices
for them to know how deeply, truly, fiercely they are loved.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Worship song of the week

Good morning! It's Monday morning here and as my To Do list is getting longer my worship music is getting louder and louder. After a totally exhausting weekend, I really need it today.

I've been wanting to post weekly worship videos here for a couple weeks. I've been sharing these on my Facebook page but thought I'd post them here too. So here is a month's worth of worship song of the week. Next Monday I'll (try to) just post one. 

SOVEREIGN - Chris Tomlin
I heard this for the first time at church - and it really stuck with me the last time. It's been the song I've been singing all weekend.

STRONG GOD - Meredith Andrews
You might have heard her amazing song "Not For a Moment" on the radio - this is another terrific song and a great worship anthem.

CHRIST IS ENOUGH (acoustic) - Hillsong 2013
We've been singing this at church a lot lately and while I love the arrangement we do at church (more like the original version) I love this one even more. 

OCEANS (WHERE FEET MAY FAIL) - Hillsong United (Zion)
I had this song stuck in my head all week last week I love it so much. Just a great song of faith no matter what is going on in life. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Josiah!

Raider Kids 9-28-07 The kidsKatie-Abigail & Josiah 10-17 my sweet, sweet boy ka&j 11-20ka&j 11-2012-11 Josiah Leelandbetter trying to figure out the camerathe best smile in the world! Josiah 7 months my little man happy with Daddythe new favorite parent poutycrying
I want my toooooooy!!  
in the rocking chair
1 Year Old
My Josiahso many teeth! Mr. Dimpleout take from froggie picture Josiah 1-1-09 kisses for brother
happy manhappy to be outsidemy "snow man"extreeme patty-cake
hmm?mr. expressive
DSC_1505DSC_1502DSC_1445in from the sunon his way in 8/365Josiah <3the sibsclapping for the bus

seriously, mama, another picture?
"seriously mama, another picture?"
my boy
the little boy who does NOT want to go inside yet
Looking for the moonDSC_5039DSC_5073DSC_5068DSC_5075DSC_5090
Milk Face!

 three out of four
my little loves
March 1oh dearyou've got dirt in your hairsomebody's going to need a bath 
2011-04-23 16.31.13 2011-03-08 14.42.18
today's 365
mr. dimples
Dressing Up
DSC_0244DSC_7895DSC_7890my jojo - a snpashot of everyday life
Josiah's FAVORITE shirt. He wanted to wear this one EVERY DAY!
Josiah perspctive
Copy of DSC_9673
DSC_2139BIG brother!!DSC_2298DSC_2287DSC_2274 
At the poolAt the pool
2011-05-11 16.13.542011-08-17 08.01.20


DSC_0569DSC_0553 copyDSC_0429
DSC_0663 DSC_0796DSC_0812
alt crop 1
IMG_0485DSC_3210Untitledpeeling an orangeDSC_9926.JPG DSC_9942.JPGIMG_3846Untitled
at the pool
Untitled mr attitude
Buttoned up shirts & clip-on ties. All the way. Every Day.
DSC_1294DSC_1292He's "fixing" stuff. I love my little man SO. Emma said to Josiah "I love you as much as Pi - Pi never ends" The boy wears his his shirt backwards almost very day.
This is from his phase of wearing his shirts backwards as much as possible 
Out-takes  edited with #afterglowapp #afterlight 
My super-amazing boyGetting an early start on school workSitting here, finally eating some lunch, listening to some Kari Jobe. Letting the songs sink into my heart. By the open window enjoying fresh air and sunshine. Watching my boy hunt for snails, climb the fence and generally be a boy. So much to be thankful
Out-takes. 5 year old style
 We like big booksAnother latergram - this time of Josiah climbing on the van. This was one of those moments when I took a picture and then said "get down from there!"The Hubs snapped this while we were out this weekend... love it!!!When the weather is wonderful we can't help but be outside...
DSC_3813DSC_3789 DSC_3807
upload DSC_4751DSC_4757 From this weekend
Last day as a 5 year old!!
Last Day of being 5

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