Wednesday, July 17, 2013

vacation in (mostly) Instagrams

Last week we took a vacation to Hammock Beach, Florida - about a half an hour south of St. Augustine.  The hubs had a conference for work so he was gone for classes in the morning.
As exhausted as I've  been with moving and having sick kids - one right after the other, I decided to have the perspective that this trip is a gift - that was a huge part of enjoying the trip. Especially as I was scrambling to get everyone packed for our long weekend. 
wrote last week about reading on vacation. I requested this book from the Library and it was the most perfect book to take to the beach. The chapters are short and the meditations are beautiful. Definitely a book I want to buy for myself and a few of my friends. 

I took this photo at a gas station in Savannah, GA
Eli is wearing Katie-Abigail's hat 

We've arrived!! 
Katie-Abigail was still getting over a virus and was feeling a little bit uncooperative

Heading to the beach

Reflections of the sky on the wet beach

Beth was completely in love with the beach - I think she could live on the beach! She was so cheerful.

My family

Emma found this cool compression of lots of tiny shells - don't exactly know what it's called. There were whole mountains of them!

All Josiah wanted to do was draw on the beach

Katie-Abigail's shell
Instagram video from our first day at the beach
Waiting for our room to be ready

Still waiting
The boys fell asleep while we were waiting

Emma's shells 

The view from our room!! My favorite thing about staying at the beach - the balcony overlooking the ocean.

Our room was great. It had a kitchen AND a washer/dryer LOVED it!

watching the storm roll in...

It stormed every single day we were in Florida, usually in the late afternoon. They were some pretty big thunderstorms!! We sat out on our balcony and watched the rain. One day Daniel went exploring. One day the power went out!

Waiting for the storm to pass, playing Apples to Apples with my girls.

After the storm - we found a little place to eat dinner off the beach. 
We had the most amazing cheesecake there!

After the storm had cleared and after dinner we went to the beach - it was perfect there were only a few people on the beach, the sun was low. The light was beautiful. I picked up my DSLR and realized that I had forgotten to bring my camera's battery charger and my camera was completely out of battery!! All I had for the entire trip was my iPhone, so I took some videos and tried to spend more time in the moment instead of capturing it. I'm really sad that I didn't get any DSLR images but glad that at least I had a good cell phone camera with me. 
Good morning ocean!

Good morning Eli :)

Good morning!

We spent the morning at the pool. Here we are in the mirrored elevator heading to the beach after lunch.  

This is when we all got our sunburns. Morning and evening are the best times to go to the beach,  when the sun is low in the sky. The afternoon is a terrible time to go to the beach. It's more crowded and despite covering my kids head-to-toe in sunblock we still all got sunburns. Nothing too terrible just enough to make us uncomfortable for a day or two. I'm glad Eli was taking a nap back in our room with Daddy.

Emma was so proud of this little shell that she found.
We covered Emma's feet in sand and decorated it in shells

This was how my hair looked pretty much all weekend - yikes!
Someone told us these are called Sand Fleas - Beth thought it was awesome that I could catch them. They'd burrow down in the sand and shells.
I loved seeing all the shells. Mostly we just found bits and pieces of pretty colored shells. 

This is one that I found on our last day at the beach. My friends on Facebook & Instagram told me it's a tiny little sea urchin. I think it is very cool - I have never seen anything like it.

The last morning on the beach

Heading back home - Josiah fell asleep almost as soon as we were in the car.

Headed up to St. Augustine on our way home to get some Rita's Italian Ice & Custard. We so miss living near one of these!  

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  1. WONDERFUL! i love the beach. vacation is the best!


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