Monday, July 1, 2013

Life post-move

Sweet sleepy boy #pictapgo_app

Eli has been sick

I am slowly unpacking

we are settling into our new little space

and I am thankful.


I love our new house, quirks and all.

I love watching Daniel fix doorknobs and light switches 

and I feel very taken-care-of.

I have spent so many hours on the couch lately snuggling Eli, 

watching my girls help each other get lunch in the kitchen, 

listening to them play in their rooms.

I've been without consistent cell service or wi-fi for the last 42 hours and I'm on Instagram withdrawal!! This is one of the treasures I found in a couple of boxes in the corner of the garage that never got unpacked the last time we moved. I kinda love m
Here and there I've been unpacking - even unpacking my pretty things that have been packed up for so long. I feel how much my heart has healed since the season of grief and depression I experienced a few years ago. I feel stronger and I enjoy these little things in a way I thought I might not be able to anymore. 

I unpack boxes of books - I unpack them all. They fill the shelf in my living room, full to overflowing. Daniel's books next to mine. Our crazy life right on the shelf, a history of our life together in books. 

I sort through DVDs and toys and we try to let to of the things we don't need. 

It's slow going. My clothes are still in bags, and our bedroom is full of boxes. But it's GOOD. Very good.
Breakfast this morning: oatmeal, with peanut butter, bananas, cinnamon & brown sugar.  Edited with #pictapgo_app

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