Thursday, July 4, 2013



Today is the 4th of July - we're hanging out at home on a rainy, boring day. I've been going through my photos on the computer and I found these photos that I meant to blog awhile ago. We have moved away from this house and this friend has moved to another state but it was a fun afternoon learning to play kickball. So while these photos aren't recent I think they are still very much worth sharing.

DSC_4595DSC_4601DSC_4665 DSC_4704DSC_4710DSC_4724DSC_4725 DSC_4648
DSC_4573DSC_4687 DSC_4718DSC_4659DSC_4569 DSC_4538DSC_4549DSC_4534DSC_4563DSC_4630DSC_4635DSC_4645DSC_4649DSC_4628DSC_4604DSC_4676DSC_4558DSC_4678

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