Friday, July 5, 2013

a few of my favorite cookbooks

I am a huge fan of checking cookbooks out of the Library. Huge huge fan. I usually copy a recipe or two and save it in Evernote for later. A few of my favorites lately are below with my favorite recipe or two.

Dinner: a love story is a great book both to sit down and read and also bring into the kitchen to try out her recipes. I love it because it covers menus from her pre-kids days, her new-baby days, her working-mom days and everything in between. How to cook for picky eaters without preparing multiple meals, how to throw a great dinner party without spending all night in the kitchen, it wanders in around and through the topic of eating together without laying down a thick layer of guilt - because who needs more guilt when it comes to family meals? My favorite recipe from this cookbook is her "back-pocket risotto" a simple, versatile recipe that works excellently for one or seven - a main dish or side. And I have to say I was immensely proud of myself for learning to make risotto.

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook is a cookbook that I pretty much wanted to cook right through. I love this cookbook because it felt so real so do-able. Some cookbooks require so many unusual ingredients and let's be honest - downright weird combinations - that I skip through the entire cookbook and just admire the pretty pictures. The Smitten Kitchen has beautiful photography of every recipe and is a collection of recipes you'll want to try right away. The only difficult thing about this cookbook is which recipes to try first! The recipe for pancakes completely rocked my world. I may never cook pancakes from a boxed mix ever again.

The Pioneer Woman Cookbook while I thought it was just a little bit overly personal (I didn't really want to see a full-page photo of her dog in a cookbook) I still just adore pretty much everything that I've seen The Pioneer Woman do. From her appearances on Food Network to her blog to this cookbook I just can't help but love her. Her step-by-step photos are wonderful. Her Perfect Iced Coffee had me swooning and her recipe for orange rolls had me reminiscing about Christmas mornings as a child.

Simple Fresh Southern is by two brothers from Charleston, South Carolina and one that I've checked out (again) and have been trying recipes from this week. They have a fantastic recipe for baked chicken and while these recipes may be a little more on the unusual side they are just the thing to add some diversity to our weekly menu.

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