Thursday, June 6, 2013

still waiting...

The last time I sat here, writing a post on waiting, I honestly thought there was no way I could be sitting here now, almost a week later, still waiting.
No way.
Couldn't happen.
But here I am.
While we are a little bit closer to having the details of our move nailed down things are by no means as settled as we were hoping they would be.

I'm thinking about a few years ago when I was waiting and I have been remembering how God provided for us when a tree fell on our house. This house we are moving out of was the first house we looked at - everything worked out so easily then. The opposite of this time around, after months of house hunting and multiple applications we are still not sure where we will move.

But God hasn't changed.

I mentioned before that I've been doing a Bible Study on the book of Ruth. We are right at the point of the story where things are starting to turn around for Ruth & Naomi and I have been struck by the same truth - God hadn't changed. She returned home empty and broken, declaring that God had dealt bitterly with her. A few verses later she is rejoicing at the covenant faithful kindness of God - but God hadn't changed. His faithful love towards her was the same in Moab when she was practically alone and when He brought Ruth into the field of Boaz. God was drawing them into his story of redemption from the first moment - God doesn't change. His plans for us are good, he is faithful and kind. Whatever our circumstances.

My kids often remind me of how different this experience has been from our last and I have to remind them - and myself - God hasn't changed. He is providing for us just as much now as he was then. Our situation is completely different this time around but God hasn't changed.

So I pack, clean, trust, repeat and wait to see how God will provide.

These songs have been speaking powerfully to me lately:

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