Friday, June 14, 2013


Cleaning/sorting/purging week 2 LOVE getting this all done finally! I kinda love moving. 
We signed the lease last weekend and should get the keys today or tomorrow. We've been switching utilities and forwarding mail... it's really happening! We're moving!!

If I had written out a list of everything that I wanted for this move I think pretty much every one of them would be checked off with this new house. Lower rent, closer to Daniel's office, but still with an extra room that could be a fourth bedroom or office, still in the same school district for Beth's school - I'm pretty amazed. At the same time it hasn't truly sunk in. I know we are moving and I need to get packing but I don't feel it- at all.

Also - it's VBS week for us here. Every night we are packing up and camping out at church for about three hours. It's wonderful and I love it - but I'm Exhausted (with a capital E) and ready for a nice relaxing weekend.

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  1. Hope it all goes smooth! Have a great weekend.



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