Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer survival: Day 1

2pm - I am loosing my mind.

Zero time for breakfast.
Epic Tantrums at Target.
Library visits that s t r e t c h my nerves.
Drive by a house. Call a realtor. Leave a message. Again.
Home again. Lunch? Smoothies!!!!

Give me your smoothie earthling!! #greensmoothie #greensmoothiebaby is pitching a fit because mommy is taking too long taking this picture!!

The difficulty with having helper-sisters watching baby brother is that sometimes they get distracted and allow smoothie-baby to walk around on the carpet with no lid on his cup. He dumped the whole thing on the carpet. While the littles were stripping the sheets off of their beds. Again. sigh

9pm - today has gone by so fast.
I have had to be strict but I am reminding myself
this is a transition

I love having them home
as crazy and wild and nerve-destroying as it is
we are family and I love sharing those moments in between
the smiles and the hugs and the random bits of conversation


  1. I hear ya on all this stuff! :) Brian did a post today on our blog... made me cry.... they will all be grown and gone all too soon.

  2. Hope everyone gets transitioned well!


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