Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Day of School

First & last days of school
Yesterday was my girl's last day of school!!
Last day of school
I tried to really enjoy the day with just the boys at home. We had a playdate with a little friend, we painted, read stories and generally kept things quiet. Summer is wonderful, it's just a different kind of wonderful. Louder, busier. I love having my helpers at home all day long.
Morning "painting" with my boys    #pictapgo_app It's a let's do anything BUT watch TV kinda' night.
Daddy was gone all night so we made waffles, did a little house-hunting (we are moving when our lease is up month after next) and we kept the TV OFF.  What a great way to spend an evening! It takes a little bit more creativity but when I unplug the television and focus on spending time with the kids doing things we enjoy together and approach it with a positive attitude (remembering what a privilege it is to spend time together - not a burden) it is so worth it.

We have come a long way since the scribbles of baby days...

I'm going to try to keep up with blogging through the summer... posting more to my summer survival series. Like a lot of you I am re-committing myself to making motherhood my #1 priority this summer. No matter what else is going on I want my kids to know that I am 100% percent available to them, stay focused & present and unencumbered & undistracted by electronics.

Well, we're on our way to the Library in a couple minutes! Time to chase down shoes & book bags and head out before the heat rolls in.

What are your plans & goals for summer?

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