Monday, April 15, 2013

miscellany AND menu monday

Here's a surprise (to me anyway) Eli and Josiah are both conked out and I have a couple minutes to write a quick blog post for today! Another surprise - I actually wrote my menu and did all my grocery shopping for the week today,  complete with trying a few new things - such as this awesome new-to-me recipe:

it looks amazing, though I've never tried quinoa before. I'll be making a deconstructed version for the kids with the option of having rice if they try the quinoa and don't want to eat a whole bowl-full. I also bought asparagus for Tuesday's meal (a new food for my family) and some champagne mangoes for snack today- which I can't wait to try!

For breakfasts I'm trying to get away from the cereal every day trap, we'll mix it up with some smoothies and oatmeal, or if it's too hot in the mornings I'll just make muesli. I'm also trying to make sure that there is a wheat free option for me at every meal. I haven't been making my health much of a priority lately and I eat what the rest of the family is eating, even though I'm allergic to it. I thought it didn't really bother me, but more about that later...

Here are my menus for the week:

M: dry cereal T: green smoothies W: oatmeal T: grits/toast  F: smoothies

M: PB&J T: quesadillas (w leftovers from M dinner) W: smoothies T: egg scramble F: leftovers

M: fruit & yogurt T: homemade granola bars W: popcorn  T: apples & peanut butter F: no-bake cookies

M: Super Food Salad (recipe linked above)
T:  Fish with orzo/rice, asparagus & grape tomatoes
W: Risotto with scallops & caesar salad
T: Chef salad/ sub sandwiches
F: Sausages, potatoes & green beans

I bought frozen swaii fillets for fish night, I also really like talapia. I like to bake it in roasted red pepper dressing. Josiah is going through a phase where he is mortally afraid of eating fish. I am hoping that if I mix up his orzo with a little fish and veggies maybe he won't notice too much. I can not remember a time I ever tried sneaking food into my kid or trying to trick them into eating something that they didn't like. Usually we just keep everything matter-of-fact and ask that they at least try one bite of new foods, but world war three every fish night is getting really old. If this doesn't work next I'm buying fish sticks.

Orzo is rice-sized "grains" of mini-pasta. If you've never tried it, it's fantastic. I love it with fish, but it's also great with chicken dishes, I just boil it and add a little butter so it's not too sticky. I'll be eating leftover rice instead. Bummer.

Risotto is insanely east to make. I got my recipe from Dinner: a love story, which is a fantastic book and a fantastic-er blog ;)  I make mine with shallots, which are like little purpley brown mini-onion looking things which you can get next to or near the onions at the grocery store, or at the natural foods market (which is where I like to get mine). You can also make it with sweet onions, or I guess whatever onion you've got. I started writing it on my menu for every Sunday night -  I'd get a glass of wine, put something age-apropriate on the TV for the kids and just make my risotto and de-stress. It turned out that I was the only person who enjoyed this routine and I had to banish risotto from my menu for awhile - but I think it's maybe time for a comeback for this dish, plus it's made with rice, not pasta so it's better for me. I don't buy any kind of expensive rice for my risotto, just long grain rice. The longer the better.

So what's up with the wheat-free diet? I said I'd get back to that - so here's the explanation. The other day I was out with some other mom-friends and we were talking about mom-topics (which is one of the best things in the world! You've gotta have friends who you can talk to about bra sizes and poop) I mentioned that I still haven't had my first period since Eli was born. After my third baby it's always taken me awhile to get it, I nurse my babies for a good long time and enjoy the break from my cycle so I've never been worried about it.  One of my friends mentioned to me that it might be worth looking into if I might have a progesterone deficiency as that will cause irregular periods as well as a whole host of other symptoms - some that jumped off the page for me are depression, foggy thinking (being in a perpetual brain fog) moodiness, fatigue, weight gain in the midsection. I don't really care one way or the other about my cycle but I deeply care about those other symptoms and if a few changes in my diet & lifestyle can make those go away I'm all for giving it a try.

There are apparently a lot of different reasons why my progesterone levels might be low - one that seemed really obvious to me is eating foods that I'm allergic to. This messes with the lining of your intestines and makes it harder for your body to absorb the nutrients you're giving it. I thought that because I don't get rashes any more that my body could pretty much handle it now - apparently not.

The diet that I saw recommended on a lot of different sites about progesterone deficiency is high in lean protein & vegetable fiber. So I'm going to doing the green smoothies again - I can't wait to try out some new recipes. I may start putting some protein powder in those too, if I can find a good one.  I want to start adding flax as well at some point.

Grocery shopping today reminded me why I haven't been doing it much lately. I went to the natural foods market first which used up a lot of my kids patience and barely put a dent in my list. I also gave Josiah a piece of chocolate as we were leaving - buying some of the nice chocolate there is one of my favorite things about that store - but it totally backfired. We were fighting each other the whole way through the grocery store, including a full on-the-floor tantrum in the cereal isle, the I--might-just-run-away-from-you one in the frozen foods section and the kick-mommy's-chair-and-scream-at-the-top-of- my-lungs in the van on the way home. Thankfully by the time we arrived home he and I were both calm enough that he could apologize and we could get through lunch. That reminds me - I've been working on a post about tantrums... hmmm. Maybe I should finish that.

Grocery shopping tired him out!

Eli barely got through lunch before he fell asleep. Josiah fell asleep waiting for me to come read to him after lunch. I guess grocery shopping wore them out too.

On Netflix: just finished Call the Midwife and am currently watching A Gifted Man. If you have anything to recommend I'd love to add it to my que.

This weekend we went to Atlanta to visit The Hub's sister for her birthday. We had such a good time! I took lots of photos on my phone and will try to post them tomorrow.

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  1. I just had to click on your no-bake cookies links... and hour later I'm finally off pintrest with countless recipes I want to try now.

    I'm going to try to limit myself to just your no bake cookies as I'm sure the kids will love helping.

    1. The link is not to my recipe - just so you know ;)

      I loved making no-bake cookies with my mom when I was a kid. Our recipe came from my grandmother and always was the perfect sweet treat for a warm day. Or any day that needed chocolate!

  2. quinoa is wonderful! I eat it every time I get a chance! I use it in soups, salads and as a side dish!
    Asparagus: drizzle it with olive oil, salt, pepper, and bake in 400 for about 20 minutes - delicious!


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