Monday, April 1, 2013

Misc Monday

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We had a wonderful Easter this year. No driving, no big meal, just together time enjoying the wonderful warm weather. We had a picnic lunch at the Euchee Creek Park near our house - which was the perfect place for a picnic and a little walk.

All my kids
all my kids
LOTS of photos to post! I promise I won't post them all tonight :)
Emma wanted to ride post of the way
My new favorite photo of my husband!
I think this might be my new favorite photo of my husband
My family... at the park.One of the perks of being the baby.
one of the perks of being the baby
No filter.  From yesterday - beautiful sunshine and spring weeds. And Josiah in the background :)
no filter: spring weeds!! And Josiah in the background
Somebody is not feeling so great :(
Emma wasn't feeling too well, mid-day she spiked a low fever. Picnic at the Euchee Creek Park :)
Egg hunt
We did a little egg hunt in the back yard. I'm not big into Easter baskets or dresses or presents but my kids love a good egg hunt with small candy and pocket change. 
Time out
this diptych is called "Time Out"
   Mr. Clingy McClingerton  in the pouch this morning so hopefully I can do something other than hold him.  #babywearing #toddlerwearing
I put Eli into my baby wrap today in hopes of getting something done  
yeah, that lasted for about five minutes.

I hope to do a full update all about Eli - he's getting so big! The other day he signed school, said "Emma?" and shook his head no - meaning "Emma's not going to school today is she?" I was AMAZED he was able to put together such a complicated communication. I love that he signs, even though it's not very well - it helps me understand what he is saying. He talks a lot though I don't understand all of it. He's started putting two words together more often too.  

I made a half-hearted attempt to try to write a menu today. I ended up only buying enough groceries to get us through about two days and some yarn for my afghan. Last week I didn't write a menu and had to grocery shop nearly every day. It's very depressing. One day I walked around the grocery isles of Target trying to think about what to make for dinner. I called Daniel and he asked for Grilled Cheese - I bought a loaf of bread and a package of sliced cheese and went home. 

I have been struggling with the rhythms of house-keeping. I keep thinking that this shouldn't be so hard for me - I was raised at home. I was raised to be a homemaker. I wish it felt more natural, easier. I grind against them like rusty gears - maybe not as badly as when I was younger. It's taken me ten years not to resent every moment spent at the sink - will it take another ten to enjoy this constant motion of cleaning mess, find my groove and stick to it?

Last-day-of-March showers... washed the pollen away and made my hydrangea start to green!
The rain washed away a lot of pollen - and my hydrangea bush has started to sprout some leaf buds!

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  1. Ok so I hate to post as if I have all the answers here, because it's been a major trial and error process with me, but I've finally gotten a grip on menu planning for the week. Over the weekend, the husband watches the kids while I take about 20 min for planning and writing out a shopping list. I started with just a handful of recipes, and started a new binder, with each recipe in a clear plastic sleeve (easy to pull out when I need it, and easy to wipe up if it gets spilled on in the kitchen). I tried (and still try) to make one new thing a week. Sometimes it's a hit, and it goes in my recipe binder, sometimes it's not and I pitch it. But then I pull the recipes for the week, make my list off of that, and put them up on the fridge so I can keep tabs on things throughout the day. It's what works for me and it has made my life SO much easier to find a rhythm that works. We do a big grocery store run on the weekend, and then I usually restock fruit, bread, and fish midway through the week. Way easier than constant grocery runs - the hardest part is finding 20 min to sit down on Saturday to plan, but it's worth it in the long run. Keep plugging to find what works for you.

    I'm not sure anything will make doing dishes or cleaning messes any better though! It's hard work, and honestly, a lot of it is so boring. I don't blame you for struggling against it. I struggle with it every day.

    I love that photo of Eli in the sling. What a cutie. Your whole family is beautiful.

  2. Another meal Love it! Easy and good and fast. Have a good one.


  3. Making war on the chaos that is "Natural" is what Moms do... day after day.
    No, it isn't easy; not for the faint-of-heart. I wish I could give you some "magical" advice to make it all so easy for you... but I can't, because it just isn't easy. Trust God and then do the next thing.
    I never really got a good meal planning system worked out... just a large freezer and pantry full of options... But that doesn't work on a tight budget.
    Love you dearly,

  4. Such happy beautiful pictures you have captured here! Love it!

  5. Love these snapshots of your family! :)


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