Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Major Instagram dump

On Sunday we woke up to Josiah running into our room excitedly explaining that there was an "animal outside by the door" which turned out to be a small deer. It not only looked into the windows of our house it actually tried to get into the house when we left for church!! The kids were over the moon.

Woke up to a fawn on our doorstep! It's not afraid at all. #PicTapGoMy kids named the fawn licorice - they are crazy excited!! #PicTapGoOn the continuing saga of the deer at our house: I had to leave to go to my cousin's wedding, after I left a police officer came to try to contain the deer to keep it from being a nuisance to our neighbors,  so the hubs let it into our yard while waiting
Eventually Daniel let the deer into our back yard and he let the kids pet it while they waited for a team to come transport this sweet animal to a more appropriate environment.

Meanwhile, my sister Abi & I had the best day ever driving to South Carolina for my cousin's wedding!! Three hours (one way!) gave us a fantastic time of talking without the constant interruptions we are used to.

My sister @sunnyabi and I at my cousin's wedding!!Such a beautiful location!! SO happy I got to spend so much time with @sunnyabi #PicTapGo for days#PicTapGo #sunflareBest wedding favor ever!!!Love my @sunnyabi
It was a beautiful wedding and we had a wonderful time together, just two peas in a pod.

Kids playing kick ball with a neighbor = one mama that is SO happy!!!
The weather here has been just perfect. We had a few hot days but now it's wonderful. Yesterday the kids held their first game of kickball with a neighbor. It was awesome.
uploadupload The boy wears his his shirt backwards almost very day.
Yes, Josiah wears his shirt backwards pretty much every day. this falls into not a hill to die on especially if we're just at home.

Remember that trip to Atlanta I was going to post photos of? Here they are!!

We spent a terrific day with our family in ATL yesterday.
Me & My Hubs ^ and all our kids v
All my kids (twice in one week! That hasn't happened in a long time!!) sitting at Golden Corral waiting for Aunt Elisabeth and family... prepare for another epic photo dump!!This girl and her Grammy... and cotton candy
according to my kids the best part of eating at Golden Corral (a big buffet-style place) is the cotton candy!!
Eli's opinion of cotton candy - gross!!
Eli has a slightly different opinion on the subject
Cotton Candy GirlUntitledWhat a cheese!
My turn!!
My turn
There is beauty everywhere... Even at the roller skating rink!
Beauty everywhere!! even at the roller rink
Their first try at roller skating. Katie-A was amazing at it and had a LOT of fun. Josiah completely freaked out.  (from yesterday)
Their first time skating. Josiah was terrified, Katie-A came around and by the end of the day loved it.
Eli loves his Grammy!!
Eli is a huge fan of his Grammy, He also loved sitting on the arcade games.
Eli loved "playing" in the arcadeBest CousinsUntitled
cousins :)

Take my picture Mommy!

I recently added a new app to my iPhone - and I've enjoyed using it more than vscocam or afterglow/afterlight it's called PicTapGo - look it up on the app store and load it today!! I love it and it does a fantastic job editing my mobile images. see the before & after below.
Just downloaded the #pictapgo app and it's instantly my favorite photo editing app. Here's an example of before & after.

My trying to eat healthy kick is really paying off! I'm already experiencing more mental clarity, motivation & energy Here is tonight's dinner based on this recipe I found on Pinterest. I thought it turned out well. Eli loved it.
Dinner tonight. Quinoa with mango, avocado, orange, onion & shrimp.  Hubs is still not a fan.Eli likes it though!! #PicTapGo

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