Thursday, April 11, 2013

a day out

From earlier... headed to Mom's Night Out with my dear friends!
My kids have been sick - it took about three weeks to make the rounds! Thankfully nobody got it twice this time and we are finally all fever-free.

I'm also editing a wedding I shot last weekend - which is tedious and time consuming. I'm pretty much at the point where I would not do this for love or money. My wrist is killing me from so much computer time and I'm starting to remember why I stopped pursing professional photography. Then I get to a good shot and I swoon, and I just can not say no to a good opportunity to do some photography. 

Today was our first day out since my kids started getting sick. My goal for our trip out was to stay calm and I feel like I did that, even when kids wandered out of my line of sight, they stayed together and they stayed in the general area near me. I have such good kids. I have to repeat it like a mantra so I don't freak out about all of the possible things they could do when we are out. Also, Eli is a dream to take out. He sits right on my hip and chatters in my ear and I kiss his sweet head and fuss at the next youngest two who are a lot more difficult to take out. 

Finally got out of the house together today!
here are all of my kids!! 

She brought her quarters...
My kids like to bring quarters to the mall. The spend them on the little rides or candy... I'm not a huge fan of the candy thing but they were really kind to each other. They gave each other extra quarters and traded candy. We're working on the concept of "fair trade" and they are finally starting to really get it and trade fairly and kindly with each other. This makes my mama heart swell.
These two are two peas in a pod. Best friends. They're trading candy. Also - Katie-Abigail's boots are totally awesome, she wears boots as often as I let her.
Josiah is getting so big... and he's so cute. Except for when he's thrown himself down in the middle of the mall. Then he is my most challenging child. But then he says "I'm really really sorry I pitched a fit" and I melt.
Josiah - swoon. Love this guy so much! Even though he sat down right in front of the mall as we were leavingand I had to just stand there, with plenty of people watching and my girls patiently waiting. I said "You don't get what you want by pitching a fit" and waited patiently beside him, trying not to make eye contact with anyone around me, trying to stay calm. Eventually he stopped, stood up and said "I'm really really sorry I pitched a fit, please forgive me." and he gave me a hug. I just melt in moments like that! He has put me in embarrassing situations pretty much from the moment he could walk (and he'd run into the mens bathroom every time we went to church!) but I dearly love this little man.
Fun at the soft play area at the mall!! I can't believe Eli is already big enough to play on these!!
We went to the Soft Play area and I could not believe how much Eli enjoyed it!!! He went down the slide over and over. Can he really be big enough for this already?! Wow. I blinked!

We stopped at one of the stalls at the mall. A guy from Israel curled Emma's hair for her (I thought they were just going to do one or two curls but he started doing her whole head of hair!!) he chatted with us and tried to sell me the curling iron set. I
While we were walking through the mall a guy at one of the stalls asked if I wanted my girls to have some princess curls. I thought he'd put one or two in - but no, he did pretty much her entire head of hair! crazy. We chatted about how he'd come to the states from Israel, how he'd lived in Savannah, which has got to be one of the most beautiful cities in the country, or at least the state. He tried to get me to buy his curling iron set, which cost about what I spend on groceries for a month. crazy. I kind of felt bad that he was wasting his time when there was no way, no matter what sales tactic he used, that I was going to buy these curling irons. However, Emma got some fantastic curls out of the experience. They looked super cute right away and downright gorgeous at the end of the day when they were a little less princess-fru-fru.
It's 84 degrees outside today!!!
Y'all it was 84 degrees at my house today!! I guess that's what you get when you live in the deep south. I feel a little bit like I'm melting today and my kids got super-crabby at the end of the day. The kids all went out on their bikes - I even tried to help Eli learn to ride his trike.  I'll be so glad when the rain comes through and everything cools off a bit.

Self portrait by a one year old
Eli has become enamored with my phone and iPad. I keep finding photos Eli has taken of himself. Usually I delete them, this one I kept. I call it "self portrait by a one year old". I've downloaded a few apps on my iPad that Eli seems to enjoy. Mostly he just opens the PBSkids app over and over, watches two minutes of Curious George and then tries to play music.

He's getting to be SO big!

Eli is getting so big! I am reminded of that almost every day. He'll be two in just a little over three months! He's less and less of a baby and more and more of a kid every day. It's crazy. This time it went by so quickly.

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