Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm going to need a lot of coffee

First Monday of Daylight Savings Time, oh help.

The girls are off to school, the boys are snuggling on the couch watching Oscar's Oasis on Netflix and I'm already on my second cup of coffee... time for some random gratitude!

The blondiesCovered pavilions are fantastic for eye pop!

One: the weather this weekend could not have been more beautiful! Sunshine, warm but not hot. Perfect.

At the park :)

Two: The Hubs had the day off!!!! He has been working almost every Saturday of the year. When he doesn't have appointments he has paperwork/ projects for work but this weekend we went to the park and spent time as a family.

I spy an alligator in this pond. At Brick Pond Park N. Augusta

Three: We visited a new-to-us park. I didn't bring my big-girl camera (which I really regretted) but sometimes it's just too much watching my five kids and carrying around a camera, so all I have are Instagrams but I got some good photos on my cell phone. If you are living in the CSRA I highly recommend looking up Brick Pond Park. We saw a lot of wildlife - a heron, loads of turtles and even an alligator!

Alligator at Brick Pond Park in North Augusta SCI've never been this close to an alligator before. Very cool.Turtles sunbathing  at Brick Pond Park 

Four: naps - I am SO thankful for naps. My allergies have started to flair up and I've felt like a zombie for the last couple of days.

Daylight Savings Time

Five: I've become a little obsessed with Switched at Birth. When I started watching it on Netflix I was just going to watch one episode a night whenever Daniel was doing something else but that hasn't happened so far. At the rate I'm going I'll probably be done with the first season by the end of the week! I LOVE all the signing in it. It is very cool to understand signs here and there.

We have been teaching Eli signs using the Signing Time DVDs for awhile now. I've seen a few others but the Signing Time ones are our favorite and it's the only videos he'll actually watch. When I told his pediatrician he was signing she acted worried that he would rely on signing and it might cause a speech delay but so far in our experience the opposite has been true.

One day as we were walking through the grocery store signing apple, cracker... and just generally chatting I realized that basically 99% of Eli's words that he speaks are words that he also signs. When he signs and speaks the word at the same time I'm more likely to understand him. If he only signs it's really hard to understand him and same for speaking when he's learning a new word. When he does both I understand. He usually drops the sign after he learns to speak the word well.

Another one from the weekend

I've been trying to teach Eli more signs and words to expand his vocabulary. Pretty much every night we lay in bed going over vocabulary, even when all I want to do is go to sleep Eli lays there saying "feet, hands, eyes, coffee." it is too cute. He is learning so fast that I have a hard time keeping up and thinking of good words for him to learn. It seems like he only has to be shown a sign one time and he has already learned it. He also makes up signs occasionally for words I don't know, so I'm trying to learn more signs, so I can teach Eli. I am amazed at how intelligent Eli is, how quickly he learns, how well he remembers. Just another way he reminds me of Beth.


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