Friday, February 1, 2013

The Editing Sessions

I don't know what your first experience with Photoshop was - and I'm not talking about Picnik or Gimp  - I'm talking about the real-deal for-real PHOTOSHOP. You know, the real chiz.

My first reaction to photoshop was complete and utter terror.

I could not figure out how to even open a photo or create a new image!! I shut that program down and walked away for a few months before I was ready to try again. A year later and I've come a looooong ways from using the editing portion of a birthday card creator to do my edits. My photography class students have often asked for an editing class so here is my first attempt at one...

The Editing Sessions 

The basics of editing - in whatever Adobe program you have! Learn basic editing technique - how to navigate your editing program, how to install, apply & modify actions, how to use filters, levels, layers & curves. How to do a clean edit and break down the elements of a stylized edit. How to create a collage, how to add text and texture to your image and anything else you'd like to learn in a one-on-one fully customized session.
Editing classes typically cost around $300 but you can register for mine for only $70 

for my February session 
ends Sunday at Midnight

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  1. Love how you showed the difference in the before and after :) I always love your edits!


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