Friday, February 1, 2013

the day my computer died: a cautionary tale


As many of you know I have a pretty big family and when you've got five kids stuff happens.  You know, one minute you are helping a child with homework and another goes ballistic.

Like the other night. When one of the boys killed our computer.

I am pretty sure it was out of curiosity rather than a desire to destroy (not that the latter has never happened at our house) and this computer was already on it's way there anyway, but still. 

It wasn't fully backed up. 

Beth had started, and infrequently updated, a little on-the-computer journal. I had outlines for projects, coloring sheets, spelling lists & math sheets for my kids. Basically the entirety of our lives for the last five years. Photos, home videos from the past ten years, documents, music. Don't know if we'll ever be able to get this computer fixed enough to pull the data off of it.

So now I am really really really really really really glad for the things I had thought to back up.

Like, most of our photos. I keep our family photos on Flickr. I upload photos pretty much every time I dump the contents of my DSLR or iPhone. I have a pro account and pay less than $30 a year for unlimited storage. I have had computers get infected with viruses, crash and die. I've had external hard-drives quit on me. People, back your stuff up online.  You can set the privacy to private so that no one sees your family photos but yourself. Just do it. Do it now.

I also have all of my important documents backed up - you know, like my photography e-class tutorials.
They are on Dropbox. I have some private files and some public files that I can share with a link. The Hubs uses Dropbox for work and has a pro account which he pretty much uses daily. I have a free account since I don't need to store quite so much. I like it lots, it's easy to use, even over multiple computers & devices. I store all types of files there. Another awesome site that The Hubs uses (and I shamefully underuse) is called Evernote. It is also very easy to use. I mostly just use Evernote to store my recipes and menus but The Hubs uses it for everything. 

So this is your friendly reminder... back up your files!!



  1. Yikes, thanks for the reminder...makes me extra glad dad backs up everything off the DELL!

  2. Thanks for the reminder!! I really need to do this!


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