Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One hundred mornings - day 6: sick day

There is nothing like it,
startling awake
baby ready to hurl
dash to the bathroom
lean over the sink
wait for the heaves to subside

There is nothing like it
to jolt you awake
to your purpose in life
(at least for right now)

I sit in my big chair by the window
Listen to the torrential rain
Start to count my blessings
Warm, dry home
Nothing to clean up in the carpet

We drift off to sleep together,
my baby and I
we visit the sink a couple more times
over the course of the night

The Hubs gets up and
offers to take a turn
I lay in bed
count one more blessing
sleep for a couple hours

the baby & I color
and toss the ball
I try to convince him to take some electrolytes
I sit on the couch with my sleeping baby
and watch TV with my boy
Wait for my girls to come crashing home

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