Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mentoring Love

all photos in this post are copyright Sarah Joos - used by permission

I wanted to share a few photos from my latest mentoring student... Sarah is an amazing artist living in Belgium, she just bought her first DSLR camera and we had a great time working together. Right from the start she showed a lot of artistic intuition and during our four weeks she was very committed to her photography and grew by leaps and bounds.

Marlow kinderboerderij
an image from before our mentoring session - Sarah Joos
Marlow bos
an image from our first week of mentoring - Sarah Joos
an image from our last week of mentoring, so artistic - Sarah Joos 
an image from our last week of mentoring, such a great light - Sarah Joos
Marlow at the computer
an image from our last week of mentoring, love this perspective. So creative.  - Sarah Joos
an image from our last week of mentoring, what a great pet portrait, love this depth of field. -  Sarah Joos
I am tremendously proud of this shot from our last week of mentoring - Sarah Joos
We worked specifically on lighting, developing more awareness of good light to get beautiful photos with minimal editing. Sarah and I also worked together to help her get more familiar with her new DSLR camera. Sarah did a fantastic job of working on her assignments despite her busy life. I love working with creative people like her!

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  1. Thanks so much faith! I learned so much from you these couple of weeks. People are asking what I did to improve my photos and I'm happy to tell them about you! What you write about me is so sweet :-))) I've already shown your blogpost to my family. I'm so proud about it!
    I would recommend your mentoring to every DSLR beginner!


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