Monday, February 4, 2013

Gratitude on a Monday

Red sky at morning
anxiety at break of day
the nine minutes of snooze
that I took this morning
How could they matter much?
Suddenly very much are needed
as I rush my babies to the door

And now here I sit in quiet(ish)
my morning ritual
I watch them leave
as three big pieces of my heart
climb up on the bus
and ride away
and it isn't really any easier today
than when my oldest was in first grade
and she begged to ride the bus
and The Hubs said
"She'll be fine.
Let her go."
and I did
and she was
but I still hate to see them go.

I look at my phone.
So much to do this week.
I set the reminders
So much to do!

But here I sit for a moment
To count my blessings
and try to remember what is really important.

1. Warm house
2. Warm little body asleep beside me
3. Hugs from my boys on sleepy mornings
4. Hugs from the Hubs before he leaves for work,
smiles and kind words from the man I love.
5. Hot tea
6. Hot showers
7. Toast with Nutella
8. Women who have set such a good example for me...
from the time I was little to my dear friends today...
I write them down in my Gratitude Journal
and look at the long list of names that keep coming
and coming
and coming.
I am thankful for them.
I am thankful today.

Gratitude quiets my heart,
calms the panic and rush of a Monday
with so much to do
and a list that goes on and on
and I breathe in the gratitude
I let go of my worry
I exhale peace
I breathe in thankfulness
I breathe out joy.

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  1. a very good reminder as I rush out my door on this Monday!

  2. Beautifully written. We all need those moments to reflect on our blessings - no matter how busy our week will be. Thanks for the reminder.


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