Saturday, February 23, 2013

another steps of my edit post: without running an action

open image
DSC_2684soft light
right click on background > duplicate layer (from background)
set layer style to soft light
duplicate layer (from background)
set layer style to soft light
filter > other > high pass
run high pass filter (2.5 pixels) to just sharpen a little, not too much.
DSC_2684 highpass 8pixels
This is an example of a high pass filter at 8pixels. I think it looks a little bit over-edited, especially around the jacket. I try to never sharpen more than 4 pixels because then it looks over-sharpened and over-edited. That's just my opinion. I'd love to know if you do it differently.
layer > new adjustment layer > levels
I adjusted the midtones to make them brighter
I adjusted the  darks to make them a little darker
DSC_2684 color1
 layer >new fill layer > solid color >  (#f0ece6) set layer style to screen reduce opacity to 12%
DSC_2684color 2
duplicate color fill layer, change fill color to #120d04, change opacity to 6%
layer > rasterize > fill content
click on the erase tool, set the size to about 300px and the hardness to about 23%
make sure you've selected the dark fill layer
erase around the face
layer > new fill layer > solid color. adjust opacity to 12% change color to #c09748
I like the warm, creamy look so I added another layer
DSC_2684vintagy edit
for a more vintage looking color you could use a deeper rust-brown like #b98114
or for a more reddish tint you could use a color like #783508 you could also use blue or green or purple depending on the final look you want to produce.

DSC_2684colors used in this edit

strait out of camera

my edit

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