Monday, February 18, 2013

100 mornings: day 2 gratitude on a Monday

The girls have the next couple days off from school
and I got to sleep in a full eight minutes.

It's freezing this morning.
I sit here under my quilt,
sipping my coffee,
and watch the sun come up blazing,
bright and clear and beautiful.

I sit here and start to count my blessings...

I bought yarn this weekend so I could start a new project!!
I am thankful for my husband - who gave cereal to kiddos this morning so I could get those extra eight minutes of sleep.

Thankful for the DVD study I'm doing with my small group of One Thousand Gifts. I sat in my bathroom last night, after Eli fell asleep trying to find a moment of quiet, and God met me there, quieting my soul.

Thankful for little moments over the weekend:
obedient girls,
a beautiful day,
a helpful little man,
hugs from my boys,
choosing to be present,
playing quietly with Josiah,
siblings playing peacefully,
a moment of quiet.

linking up with carissa graham  of lowercase letters for miscellany monday and rebecca cooper  of simple as that for simple things sunday 


  1. Hermosa entrada, está muy buena esta práctica de gratitud para ver y recordar las cosas buenas que nos rodean.Abrazos desde Argentina.

  2. That picture makes me want to curl up with my crochet hook and make something with spring colors :) It's funny how quiet moments often happen in strange places ~ like the bathroom :) God is so good to meet us where we are, where ever we are!

  3. I know this is not the point of your post, but I love the colors in that picture! :)

    1. Faith's mom here... I made that quilt out of those colors because SOMEBODY likes them too!

  4. I always admire people who can knit. I tried to teach myself and got so frustrated. Haha.


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