Friday, February 15, 2013

100 mornings : day 1

Kids came home from school with a bag full of candy... and I have succumb to the chocolate.
I had this idea... 

what if I began the practice of writing every morning? 

Okay, let's be honest I am not very good at doing anything every day, so there's no way I could do 365 days of writing. 

But what about 100? 

Could I accomplish one hundred mornings of writing? 

Could I gather one hundred little memories of everyday life, one hundred thoughts and bits of wisdom.... 

So this is day one of one hundred... 
today I am missing our pre-school days. 

100mornings a

I drag myself out of bed again. We rush through our morning routine. 
I hurry the kids out the door. I kind of hate this. 
I watch my kids climb onto the bus. They so love this. 

But I miss the simplicity of those early days. 
I miss the slow pace of pre-school mornings,  
even though time dragged on in sameness 
day after day after day.
I miss it now. 

I sit and sip my coffee and I watch the bus pull away. 

I will never get that time back.

The thought shocks me, it's obvious but it's so permanent. 
I'll never be in that season again - not exactly. 
I'll never be just mommy to three little ity-bity girls,

I surprise myself with how deeply I miss those days,
especially since I spent so many of those days looking forward to these. 

But time only moves one way - forward, 
I don't get a re-do,
I only have now.

And this is my now...
in all it's crazy, messy wonderfulness.

Valentines Day at our house:
pink raspberry smoothies for breakfast! > > pink girly girls & a non-pink adolescent. 
heart shaped nutella sandwiches & pink milk > > play dough with my boys
special delivery > > flowers from The Hubs
Happy Valentines Day from Josiah > > photographing a 5 year old is hilarious. 


  1. Hah! I am in the pre-school days now and it's not that great. (In all seriousness, I'm not negating your feelings because I know I'll feel the same way in a few years too, but...) I think you're forgetting how not-peaceful pre-school mornings can be. ;)

  2. And then...
    some day...
    you will be standing in your kitchen... alone
    with the realization that your last girl is going to be married soon...
    and yet another season of life begins!


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