Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Making a Blog Button in Photoshop

You might have noticed that I haven't been blogging a lot lately. I've been really busy with photography mentoring and preparing for my editing mentoring which starts next week!! So I asked a couple of my friends to write a guest post for me. This one is from my awesome friend Sarah...

Hello, my name is Sarah and I write over at In the Moment with... Thanks so much Faith for asking me to guest post for you. I was really honored! I do a little blog designing, including my own. I do not have a business but I am self taught and love playing around in photoshop. I am selling blog header/button packages for $15 to help me get to Blissdom. Let me know if you are interested. Now I am going to tell you just the basics on how to make a blog button in photoshop. First you want to make a new document. I always start at 500px by 500px with a transparent background.


I decided to use the ellipse tool to make a circle. I typed in the width and height that I wanted so that it would be a perfect circle. You can always make the background a different color or a photo, etc. There are a lot of options!


Then you will want to add a stroke or outline so that it will stand out if you are putting it on a blog. You really never want to have a button without an outline unless the whole button is a photo.


I went to Design Seeds to be inspired for the color. I love that it puts colors together for you so the only decision you have to make is which photo from there to use. I picked some cool winter colors. Then right clicked and chose save image as.


Then I opened this up in photo shop so that I could use the eye dropper tool when choosing colors. I picked the light brown for the outline of my button.


For my fonts I always go to and look for cool new fonts. They are mostly free and there are a lot to choose from.


Add the text that you want onto the button. Again, I used the colors in the photo from Design Seeds. The fonts here are BEBAS and Janda Elegant Handwriting. I also rearrange the text and change the sizes until I get it the way I want.


When I am completely done I usually resize the button to 200px by 200px. Again many options you can do here.


 When I go to save a button, especially a circle or odd shaped button you will want to save as a .PNG so that if you put the button on a background other then white you will not have white around your button. Basically it will keep the background transparent.


Here is the final button.  

If you have any questions or problems feel free to email me. I am always willing to help someone out when they need it. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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