Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Here I sit

We pull out of the Library parking lot, Eli screaming in his car seat.
I take the long way home and he is asleep in minutes.
I thought so.

I pull through the drive-thru and pick up some lunch.
Josiah's order is exactly opposite of what we ordered
and we get to exercise being happy with what we have,
even though the happy meal toy is for a girl
and we share our lunches with each other and enjoy the quiet of the car.

Just around the corner and we are home.
I will Eli to stay asleep with every cell in my body.
Just five minutes of quiet is all I'm asking for.
But the weather has turned cold again and as soon as he feels it his eyes snap open and I sigh a long sigh.
Josiah has plopped himself down on the couch, flopped off his shoes and fallen asleep.
I set Eli's seat in a quiet corner, hoping he falls back asleep but no such luck, he's crying for me.

I pick him up
and we sit down,
like so many days this week.

I wonder why my boys don't like to sleep in their beds.
Josiah asleep on the couch, Eli asleep in my lap.
And here I sit, again.

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