Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What I've Really Been Wearing Wendesday

I have awesome friends... one in particular who is really encouraging when it comes to my blog. She said she really liked my "what I wore Wednesday" posts, even though they are significantly less-than-spectacular. So here we are again at a "what I've really been wearing Wednesday"

I snapped this right before I headed out the door to walk with the girls to the bus stop
loved this outfit but couldn't get enough light to really do it justice
jeans, t-shirt (from the retreat), sweater. perfect
hair in a pony tail meh
went to Target for a last-minute birthday present
this jacket is actually totally uncomfortable but I love how it looks
yes, it's November and I'm wearing flip-flops
I hate sneakers - they seem so big and clunky to me
I do not own a single pair of boots
because I'm not going to drop that much money on one pair of shoes
unless they're perfect or really on sale.
My mom made my purse - isn't it so cute?!
spent almost all day reading that book in my hand
while my kids played Just Dance 4 on the Wii
a little bit of heaven!
such a great day!

I just adore wearing scarves and have finally given myself permission to wear them
seriously hate wearing my hair like this
equally hate having to stand in the bathroom long enough to blow dry my hair
mostly because that induces a thousand "please stop touching that" directed at Eli

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  1. Oh SO much envy that you can wear flip flops in December. Considering that we have a few inches of snow on the ground here in Berlin, it's probably not the wisest solution right now. :) Last year at about this time we were flying to Florida for Christmas and it was all flip-flops, all the time. They are without a doubt my favorite thing to wear!

    Like the middle two outfits a lot. You've got nice style.

    Thanks for stopping by NOH & looking forward to reading you more!

  2. Love the purse your mama made and the scarf and jacket are great too. Thanks for being part of Wardrobe Weds this week :-)

  3. You are so classy and so beautiful- you even look cute in sweats!!


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