Monday, December 17, 2012

Gratitude on a Monday...

I was going to try to blog this morning, now I'm glad I didn't. I only have a few minutes before my big girls come rushing in and I want to take this moment to count my blessings...


Today was Eli's semi-annual trip to the Children's Hospital. He has hydronephrosis which we are currently just monitoring. His last visit was in June, today he had his ultrasound and a quick visit with his two specialists - but this takes all day... today it was in the gray and rain.

Today I took a break from Christmas music and listened to this instead.
I spotted a car sticker from my church - they say "I love my church" and I so do.
We have a wonderful visit with the ultrasound tech. Eli cries but lays still for his ultrasound. My dear sweet but active Josiah & I had a hard time this time around. I felt exhausted and unable to keep up with Eli's fussiness and Josiah's constant chatter and movement. Right about the time I thought I was going to loose. my. mind. Josiah brightened my day, laughing at his Happy Meal toy. I am thankful that he finds way to enjoy the moment no matter where he is.
a peppermint mocha can go a long way...

I met a lady at the hospital reading Not a Fan and we had a sweet conversation about her new faith.

a quiet drive home and some mint m&m's to my warm, quiet home.

My thoughts were more organized when I sat down but I need to run, time for snacks and homework with my girls.

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  1. I'm so glad Eli is doing OK... and you made it through the day!!

  2. No need to organize miscellany, right? ;)

    Sounds like an eventful day. Glad things wound up going fairly well, considering!


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