Monday, December 3, 2012

Coffee on a Monday Morning

I really want to blog more regularly and consistently... and one of my favoretest posts to write are the weekend random link thingys... I've been collecting these links throughout the week, ready to share with you over the weekend. But then the weekend came, with Beth's birthday, a visit from Grammy & her party. I've been swamped!

So here are a few links to brighten your weekend Monday!

Jess Craig posted a super-cool freebie on her blog this week 
with a tutorial on how to make and use photoshop brushes. 
Not without Salt is perfection in food blogging
this post with a recipe for Meringue Snowflakes  has me itching to get out the Kitchen-Aid
Also - this post is SO good!! - it's about creativity and perfectionism and fear
I really needed that.
a place for twiggs
posted a beautiful collection of inspirational quotes
Love this tutorial + pattern for these adorable
owl ornaments via Heartmade

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