Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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Yesterday I took photos of nearly every moment of our busy, exhausting day together... I wanted to share them here because I didn't post all of them to Facebook and I like to have this to look back on :)

This boy is such a joy to wake up too! He's so cheerful in the morning.

Writing my menu for the week... trying to get some inspiration from The Mom 100 Cookbook. My favorite quote from this book:
To be a good mom, you don't have to cook every meal, or make everything from scratch, or know the provenance of every morsel of food your children eat. Give yourself a break. This cooking thing should be a little bit of fun... We need to figure out how to capture some joy in the kitchen, because guess what? We get to make dinner just about every night! And we can approach this task as though we are being asked to re-grout our bathtub nightly, or approach it with a certain amount of joie de vivre. We might as well pick that joie thing, because (as I have mentioned possibly twice already) we have to do it anyway.

My baby got his first finger-band aid. Poor little guy. Scratched his finger in the cabinet pretty badly.

I was getting the last few things together to get out the door and this is what I find. Yep, it's Monday.

Walked out the door with this: my old cell phone so I could listen to some of my favorite Xmas music and a little bit of chocolate. Gonna show these errands who's boss!

One of our first errands was a quick trip into the Library. Josiah wanted to use the elevator so we went downstairs to look at cookbooks and walked out with this armload. So far I'm really loving the Pioneer Woman cookbook but then of course that's no surprise. Any cookbook that starts with a recipe for Iced Coffee is awesome.

This was Eli after the Library. Mostly brought on by Josiah having a lollipop and he couldn't have it. This boy has such a sweet tooth. If anyone, anywhere in the house has candy he'll be there begging for some. Next stop - grocery shopping. Oh boy. I took the long way to the grocery store hoping that he'd fall asleep but he didn't. He still did a great job though!

At the grocery store I let Josiah walk with me instead of sitting in the cart like usual. He was touching everything which was kinda driving me crazy but also giving me a chance to talk to about the things that he was seeing. He asked about this:
Josiah: Mom, what is this?
Me: It's an apple wedger.
Josiah: What does that do? Give apples wedgies?

So we got doughnuts! The discount bin with the doughnuts in it at Kroger calls to me every time. This time I gave in. I think Eli was really happy about that.

This is how they looked when we arrived home. I'm so thankful for this! I was exhausted by the time we got home.

My first book came from BookSneeze.com
Look for review + giveaway coming soon.

 Homework. I love helping Katie-Abigail with her homework. I love seeing what she's learning. I do wish that she didn't have quite so much homework every night. She has math, spelling, and three reading assignments every night because on the days when they all need help and every single one of my five kids are constantly interrupting each other and asking questions and we have to get all of this done before dinner? On nights like this I hate homework with every fiber of my being. 

But then this guy starts smiling and my stressful night gets a hundred percent better.

And then this boy crawled up in my lap and we snuggled while Katie-Abigail wrote out her spelling words.

Finally homework is done and I start making Quesadillas. I love this brand of salsa (in the refrigerated section) and I always buy this brand of tortillas.

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