Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Today is Elections Day. It's been crazy. Everyone has had opinions. STRONG opinions. We've heard a lot of mis-representations and out-right lies. It was nasty pretty much from Day 1 and I am sure most of us can't wait for this to be over. But did you know that women make up over 50% of voters? We are a lot more powerful in this nation than you'd think. It's easier to tune out. It's easier to just accept whatever our social network feeds us and let them make up our minds. It's easier to think that our vote doesn't matter much. The men are awful loud but it is women who will most likely cast the deciding vote for who wins the White House today. 

I posted this on my Facebook page and I wanted to explain it here:

I voted for LIFE
I voted for FAMILY
I voted for PEACE
I voted for JOBS
I voted for OBAMA

I voted for life because being pro-life should be more than just a reproductive issue. I am 100% pro-life. I am ultra-conservative in my personal convictions about abortion and contraception but the pro-life politicians have shown an appalling lack of cooperation with the other party or compassion for life outside of the womb.

They have promised to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood and all of us conservatives cheer - until we take the time to learn that Planned Parenthood offers a full spectrum of care to women who would not have care at all without their clinics and already there are zero dollars of government money that go towards paying for abortions. 

Pro-life politicians have promised to cut spending to every single program that makes the difference between being low-income and living in destitute poverty. During one of the lowest times in our economy this makes zero sense. While our unemployment rates are coming up from being the worst they've been since the Great Depression it makes zero sense to cut unemployment benefits and practically every other program for at-risk families.

Can private organizations do this work? Yes! Absolutely. Let them do it and then the government won't have to. Let the conservative community rally to support education, poverty and public health (which they already are - just not at a scale that is currently making a dramatic difference in the national political conversation) and then the government will have a dramatically smaller group of people to care for. In the mean time I am going to vote for representatives who show more compassion and who vote for programs that help the poor in our county. The pro-life community should be the most proactive when it comes to poverty (and a lot of the time we are) and the pro-life politicians should reflect the Christian value of caring for the poor.

I am not convinced that our current pro-life politicians are capable of working on any legislation that effectively reduces the number of abortions (which are shocking) or creating a change within a social opinion which favors access to abortion and hormonal contraception. The Romney/Ryan campaign has continually contradicted themselves throughout their campaign and literally re-defined their positions on-air during the debates without saying why. For example: Paul Ryan has been outspoken on his position that he believes that life begins at conception and he does not take an exception for rape - saying that it is another "method of conception" and whatever your feelings are about this we should all be shocked and outraged that during his vice-presidential debate he said that his  position was abortion except for in the case of rape and incest. 

Personally I am sick of this buzz-word style politics on these life and death issues. What about in the case of chromosomal abnormalities that have a 100% fatality rate? What about the treatment of miscarriages? What about in-vitro fertilization? What about hormonal birth control?  I have not seen a political consensus within the conservative party on these issues that are very personal and vitally important for every woman. It sounds good to say you are pro-life. It sounds like you are on morally higher ground but I don't think the average pro-life voter has any idea of the big-picture consequences of the proposed legislation and the difficulty on this issue especially in a generation that has grown up with Roe v Wade as the norm.

I voted for family because as much as my religion disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle the government has an obligation to represent everyone and discrimination is always wrong.

I voted for religious freedom because everyone should have religious freedom. Not only Christians.

I voted for peace because President Obama has proven that he can be a patient, globally cooperative  and level-headed leader. Romney's "Pro-America" militaristic policy does not make sense to me while we are recovering from this economic crisis.

I voted for jobs because there is no proof that tax cuts lead to economic growth (click on the link to read more) and our infrastructure is in desperate need of significant investment.

I voted for Obama because despite all of the religious attacks President Obama is the only candidate who is a baptized Protestant Christian on the ticket. President Obama has shown remarkable calm in the face of an unprecedented level of attacks both personal and political. I don't always agree with every policy and just like a lot of other people I have sometimes been disappointed by his decisions but I do think he best represents Christian values and I believe he will do the most good for the most people.

So you might disagree with me and the reasons why I voted the way that you did. I just thought I should explain... and get this off my chest.

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