Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Dinner... I'm inspired!!

I DVRed  Thanksgiving Live on the Food Network and sat down to watch it this afternoon during "quiet time" for the kids and now I'm feeling so inspired about Thanksgiving...

I realize that I should have started planning for this week ages ago - but I'm a procrastinator. Plus up until yesterday I wasn't even sure of what if any our travel plans would be for this week. Turns out we will not be traveling and I have to figure out what to make for Thursday's meal.

This time of year it always feels like the dollars have to be stretched further and further so I thought I'd do two things with this post: 1) ask you to weigh in on a couple choices I need to make and 2) present a budget friendly menu.

Total cost for this meal: less than $20

Christmas Bird
this photo is mine but most of the photos in this post are from Pinterest. Click on them to see the pin.

Main Dish: Roasted Chicken

Here in Georgia a whole chicken is one of the cheapest foods you can buy (other than bananas) I'll buy one large one for about $7 that will feed my whole family. If you're feeding a smaller family you can get a smaller chicken. My favorite recipe for roasting a chicken comes from the cookbook Simple Fresh Southern.

Side Dish: Mashed Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes?

I love mashed potatoes. Especially when they are made with red potatoes!! But Sweet Potatoes are on sale right now, at my grocery store they are only thirty seven cents a pound and Thanksgiving seems like the perfect time to make them... which do you think I should serve? Classic comfort of mashed potatoes or holiday special sweet potatoes? 

Veggies: Steamed Green Beams or Green Bean Casserole?

Green Beans are ten pounds for ten dollars so I can't decide which way I want to cook them. Rachel Ray mentioned her It's Not Easy Being Green Bean Casserole and it sounded really good.

Rolls or Biscuits?

My sister gave me the best recipe for biscuits... but I have a really good recipe for bread rolls too. Can't decide... it'll probably come down to how much time I have on Thanksgiving Day.


I honestly don't have a clue... inspire me! What is the perfect Thanksgiving dessert?
Brownies seem a little bit too everyday.

Can't wait to hear your comments!!!

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