Thursday, November 1, 2012

I survived our first Halloween

When I was growing up we never did much of anything for Halloween - except the occasional fall festival. Usually we spent the night with the lights out, reading in the back bedroom by lamp light. I am not a huge fan of holidays in general but Halloween I just don't get. I am not a fan of the costumes.  The weather is always way too cold for the clothes my kids want to wear. All for a huge bag of candy that I'll probably throw away before Christmas. 

As my kids were growing up I just avoided Halloween. They didn't even know it was a thing until we went to the grocery store on Halloween when Beth was about four years old. The cashier asked her what she was going to be for Halloween and Beth just looked at her with a blank expression. I explained as casually as I could that we didn't celebrate Halloween and now it was the cashier's turn for the blank expression. 

Another year we were going to a big church that hosted a "trunk or treat" so we decided to give that a go. Worst night of my life. Scary costumes, kids everywhere, Beth trying to dart between the crowd. Totally overstimulating. If I was going to have a panic attack - that would be the place. Yeah - Never. Again.

Four years ago we decided to give the whole trick-or-treat thing a try but our kids came down with a nasty case of coxsackie - or hand, foot, mouth. The kids were miserable and highly contagious. We had a butt-load of candy already. So we just hid the candy around the house, turned the lights out and gave the kids flash lights. Best. Idea. Ever! 

This year Josiah was totally into the idea of trick or treating like his friends he talks to at the bus stop. So we decided to give it a try.  Here are the Instagrams from our first night. They had a great time and were super-well behaved.
Eli did not like his costume at all
click here for a cute photo of Josiah wearing it
Eli liked the idea much better when I took him outside
Emma's costume idea:
Darth Vader's Daughter
Josiah as Batman

Beth - we braided her hair and she was Katniss
the kids in their costumes
Eli & I stayed home and gave candy to the occasional visitor
when they came home they bagged up some candy
to give to their teachers :)
this was Katie-Abigail this morning

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  1. Such cute costumes!!!

    I know you disabled commenting on your newest post about voting for Obama, but I just have to tell you that I think it is so well written, and I agree with every single word you said! :)


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