Friday, November 16, 2012

I love my small group

My small group is over for this semester. I'm going to miss seeing these wonderful ladies every week! This has been my first time facilitating a small group and assisting a leader. Can you spot me in the above pic? I'm the last one on the left.

The leader of my small group has been amazing. If there is a spiritual gift called "small group leadership" she has it! She does all these extra things that really make being a part of a small group fun. She encourages us to get to know each other beyond just coming to a meeting every week. I am so glad I got to help her lead this group. It was her idea to take these photos.

We went through the book Grace for the Good Girl and I loved it. It's a great book and was a very good small group study.  One of the themes of the book is that we wear masks when we relate to one another. I wrote about it a lot at the beginning of our small group - it deeply touched me and I hope has forever changed me.

On each balloon we wrote a word, a mask we wear that we want to remove, something we are letting go of. Some of the words we wrote were

 afraid I'll fail
acting like I don't need any help  

aware of rejection in the past and 
afraid of being rejected again. 

Mine was "Other People's Opinion of Me" not one word, but that is what I needed to write and that is what I need to let go of if I'm ever going to grow into me. Sometimes I err on the side of being inconsiderate and irresponsible but I'm learning to be wise in what I choose to say and when I choose to speak up. But I'm sick to death of trying to be whomever it is I think other people want me to be and it's just not right - not to me, not to the people around me who need the genuine me to show up, mess and all. 

A part of me is glad that this semester of small group is over - because of the different groups I was involved in our schedule was more demanding and hectic than I am used to. I'll be glad for the break... and be ready to dive back in in the new year!

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