Tuesday, November 13, 2012

for the record: I miss him

I mentioned yesterday that The Hubs left to go out of town for a couple days... and I just wanted to say here, for the record, I miss him.

I love my husband. Deeply and truly with a love that only a long and hard-fought marriage could produce, however in all honestly when he said he'd be gone a better part of a week I knew the kids and I would miss him but I also wondered how much I'd miss getting up grumpy because he'd woken up the baby again or annoyed because he's not reading my mind doing X, Y & Z that I think he ought to be doing.  When we talked yesterday afternoon he laughingly asked if I was going to enjoy having the bed to myself and no hubby to keep me up too late. Absolutely not.

I miss him.
Deep in my guts and bones,
I feel like I am physically grieving the loss of his presence.
He can not come home soon enough.

It's not just the extra pair of hands or another adult in the room that I miss. It's just him. I want him to be home. He's not and I miss him. 

I miss watching the clock waiting for him to make his way home. I miss him falling asleep on the couch. I miss the smell of his coffee. I miss the sound of the news he likes to watch after the kids go to bed. I am really missing the sound of his voice.

So I made cinnamon rolls.
Go figure.

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