Monday, November 26, 2012


Update: Cyber Monday Sale is over but you can still purchase classes on my photography e-classes page

Did I get up this morning and decide to have a Cyber Monday Sale?

Why yes I did.

Are you ready?

Prices are only good until midnight Tuesday 11/27 EST

Here we go...

ANY Class - including my most advanced classes ONLY $20
You will get all of the tutorials included in the class plus two one-on-one mentoring sessions. Makes a GREAT gift! Usually $30 - $80 now only $20 for each class.
Simply Basics - for any type of camera covers light, perspective, crop & focus.
Simply SLR - for DSLR owners learn how to shoot in manual mode. covers aperture, shutter, ISO & white balance.
Simply SLR 2 - for DSLR owners covers. Advanced class. Exposure, Composition, Color & Creativity
Simply Bliss - for any type of camera. how to take better photos of children.
Simply Style - for bloggers, crafters & online shop owners. how to take better photos of products.

Mini Sessions ONLY $15 
Each mini session includes four tutorials with quick and fun assignments! Boost your technical & creative ability without spending a lot of time. Usually $30 each now only $15 each or $30 for all 3 parts.
Part 1 - so simple you can complete it with your camera phone or use the principles to improve your SLR photography! Light, Focus, Crop & Perspective
Part 2 - easiest way to learn manual (or brush up on your skills) for SLR camera owners. aperture, shutter, white balance & ISO.
Part 3 - learn about the little things that make a big difference in your photos. Light & exposure & composition. Works with any camera but is especially for SLR photographers.  

Editing classes starting at $20

Can't make heads or tails of your editing program? I've been there! I'll help you get started learning how to use your Adobe Elements or Photoshop on PC or Mac.
Basics of Editing in Elements Class get the class experience!! This class will run in January for 4 weeks using pdf tutorials emailed to you with a tutorial & assignment.
Basics of Editing in Elements Tutorials only - just get the tutorials, no class environment or feedback on your assignments.
Basics of Editing in Photoshop for PC or Mac get darted using your editing program!

Blogging mentoring
Always wanted to have a blog? Maybe you have a blog but you don't know what to do with it now that you have one. Maybe you want to link a blog to your online shop or other business. I'll help you with your blog wherever you are at with blogging. If my mom can blog - so can you! If you want to make money blogging or have it as a fun hobby I'll get you started with everything you need to know.
Set up your blog - get that blog you've always wanted. I'll spend an hour or two on the phone with you helping you set up your blog on Blogger. We'll make some basic customizations. Includes followup support via email for the rest of the month. Only $20 THIS WEEK ONLY! Usually $40+
Customize an existing blog - have a blog but want to give it a makeover? I'll customize it's appearance (blogger only), create a header and button with grab-code. Usually $100 now only $40.
4 weeks of blog mentoring - Weekly skpye calls to answer your questions about blogging, how to get more traffic, monetization, understanding html code etc. Usually $100 now only $80.
Blogging + social media - learn how to use social media to boost traffic to your blog - especially Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram. I'll help you set up, customize and link your social media presence. A value of over $200 this week ONLY $100.

Online photography mentoring

Get one on one help to improve your photography.
4 weeks of mentoring: Weekly skype calls, portfolio review & tutorials specifically tailored for what you want to learn.  Conducted 100% online and around your schedule. Usually $100 now only $75.
Portfolio review: Not ready for mentoring yet but still want to get feedback on your photography? This is perfect for you! Usually $40 now only $20.

In-person photography mentoring
CSRA residents only
Get one on one in person photography mentoring. Any skill level, any camera, any age. This is a fantastic price and won't last long!!
SLR Orientation - getting an SLR for Christmas this year? Want some help with the SLR you've had for awhile? We'll meet in person and go over everything you need or want to know about your SLR camera. I'll send you an orientation packet beforehand and leave you with printed tutorials to help you practice what you've learned. One session.
4 weeks of classes non-professional - These classes are great for the mom or grandma who wants to learn how to take better photos of her kids. Perfect for a teen or child photo-enthusiast.
4 weeks of classes professional - Do you have a a dream of becoming a momtographer? Do you take photos for friends but want to do more? Get education and encouragement mom to mom.

Photography Session
Have you been thinking about having your photo taken but don't want to have it done at a big department store? For a limited time I'm offering photography sessions at deeply discounted prices. 
Individual session - for one adult or child only, including infant or maternity.
Family session - more than one person. Indoors or outdoors.
Concept session - bring your vision into reality or let me create something unique for you or your family.
Product photography is also available - please contact me for a quote.

Want me to create a gift certificate for you? Just send me an email or mention it in the notes to seller.

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