Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Beth

Beth - November 2001
Today my oldest daughter turns eleven...

it seems like just yesterday she was born
with those beautiful lips
and big blue eyes
Beth Spring 2002
Summer 2002Summer 2002Summer 2002Summer 2002 Summer 2002
I loved photographing her - she was my inspiration
Heading back to GA - Feb 2003Beth & the phone
she celebrated her first birthday in  the breathtaking mountains of Montana
Spring 2003
but we moved back home in time for her sister to be born
Summer 2003
these two are only 18 months apart!
1-04 beth2DSCF0017
such a precocious child
she still remembers these statues around The Avenue. How she loved them!DSCF0031 DSCF0001colorcorrected DSCF0124DSCF0092
her loves... books, daddy & the dog
Beth & Emma - Summer 2005  Silly FacesBETH!! Summer 2005
Summer 05 @ Flint RiverSummer 05 @ Flint RiverSummer 05 @ Flint RiverSummer 05 @ Flint River DSCF4210
such a good big sister

sisters 12-06 Beth Summer 06Beth Summer 06
The three amigos - Feb 2007K-A, E & B
Beth and her booksBeth with the Ball
more books!
The kids
a baby brother!
Beth - waiting for the bus on the first day of school
first day of school 
Beth & her birthday cakeBeth's Birthday 2007
more birthdays
Beth giving Josiah a bottle
so responsible
My beautiful BethBeautiful Bethready to ride
riding her bike in the parking lot of the church around the corner from our house
Beth - my photo girl
she loves to take photos just like Mommyyeees. good one.
see my photo?
can I have it back?
may I please have the camera back now?
DSC_0425little miss blue eyes take 2my happy girl
Beth and her flowermy big girl
Beth, June 10 2008the eyebrow
the look
think of beautiful things
post-school photo photo
all the kids
you better hurry up momthe kids and the dog 23/365
funny faces
silly faces
that was fun!
Mommy, I'm a COOK!
digging in the dirt patch
DSC_0767DSC_0831DSC_0837first breakfast at the counter in the new house
our first breakfast in our new house in Augusta!
best thing about the new house: frogs.
this one we named Max
DSC_0226DSC_1030  under-water
second best thing about the new house: pool
Beth (with mask) & Mommy
my baby finally learned how to swim!
Beth & Mommy Beth with great window light
DSC_3479epic fail: way too icy
one year it snowed!!!
three best friends (sometimes)
DSC_0448At the poolAt the pool
At the pool
my water bug
taking pictures at the rescue Zoo
with cousins

the beach - the best place on earth

the favorite big sister of the new baby brother

new house. new school. not quite ready for summer to be over

Christmas in Augusta

Gingerbread houses
DSC_7207.JPGmy beautiful BethUntitledUntitled  DSC_9972.JPGUntitled
more books... big ones now! read in just a couple days.
another summer at the pool!
I love love love that smile!!
being silly
another trip to the beach
everyone has extra smiles when we are out for Rita's Ices on vacation

another book... another year at school starts

look at how tall she's grown! she is nearly as tall as my mom and sister!

Happy Birthday Beth!!

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