Thursday, October 4, 2012

Eli: 14 months

I took the kids outside to take a few photos. I wasn't able to do exactly what I was trying to do - namely experiement with proportions of foreground & background. But I got some pretty shots of my sweet boy so I thought I'd post a few here.

DSC_8397 DSC_8369 DSC_8362DSC_8341 DSC_8326DSC_8330

Eli is 14 months old now and very active. He is a busy, busy guy but really sweet natured. He especially enjoys trying to pull anything on a table or countertop down on himself, trying to eat books and his latest trick is carrying around cotton balls in his hand, sometimes trying to eat them or pick them to pieces. He does it over and over and over. Locked doors here we come! He also tries to climb into the dishwasher which is pretty funny. One of his favorite things to do is play with my swiffer wet/dry mop. He's not too thrilled about the vacuum cleaner when it's on but when it's off Eli considers this a premium play toy. He still signs more than he speaks, though he is learning new sounds all of the time. He can say Hi and his favorite word is still DaDa. Which I totally get. Who wouldn't be totally in love with The Hubs? He has said Buba once or twice for Josiah. He likes to call Beth & Emma Ba or Ma and he uses them interchangeably. He hasn't tried to say Katie-Abigail yet... can't imagine why ;) He just learned to say uh-oh which I think is pretty much the most adorable thing ever.
Signs Eli uses: Eat, More, All-done. He just learned how to sign Wait which is awesome because I have to sign that one to him all the time. He also knows how to sign Please and Thank you  which I think is totally awesome - every toddler should learn how to be polite, right? Never too early to start. The sign for sorry is way too close to the sign for please so I have tried to teach him an alternate sign for sorry - not a lot of luck in that department yet but we're still trying. Eli is finally responding to "come" more consistently. He runs to us with a huge smile on his face. LOVE it. Now I'm trying to teach him "stop". Hopefully he'll learn that one soon. Since he hears it a million times a day. Favorite foods: Mac & cheese, rice, bananas. Favorite toys: balls, books, cars (which he makes vroom sounds whenever he plays) He also really likes his Thomas the Tank Engine sit/push toy that we got him for his birthday.

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