Monday, October 8, 2012

Cousins and more cousins

It is Monday with a vengeance here. Cool, cloudy, rainy. After an exhaustingly busy weekend and one of those not-enough-sleep kinda nights. My boys fell asleep for an early nap and It seemed like the perfect time to post some photos from this weekend. The kids and I drove the three hour ride to Atlanta (for the second weekend in a row) to gather at my older sister's home to see my grandparents who drove up from Florida for their yearly visit.  We are a big family! My older sister has six, I have five and my younger sister has three plus my mom and dad and grandparents - so we are a houseful! It was great to finally see Kathryn's new place, they finally have enough room for everyone so the cousins could spread out and have plenty of space to play.

My older sister, Kathryn, my younger sister Abigail and a bunch of kids!!
Beth is nearly as tall as my mom (Left) and her Aunt Abi (Right)

Kathryn has a son almost the same age as my Eli
and they both wore blue! Pictured: my Emma & Eli and three of Kathryn's kids
a house full of cousins!

we shared a HUGE meal
I don't usually take many photos at family events 
so these were taken quickly when I thought no one was looking

Beth (middle) and two of her cousins - both are older than her by 1-2 years!
the cousin "twins" they are born one year minus a day apart
boys cousins. Josiah was worried about the dog.
but brownies make everything better!

Beth strolled the cousins around in this stroller for nearly an hour until they were ready for their nap
Emma with her shadow. Somehow I got pictures of all of my kids except for Katie-Abigail! She was there though - I guess she was moving around too much to be in any of my iPhone snapshots.

I love all the big trees at Kathryn's place. Beth enjoyed having time with her cousins - and managed to be in nearly all of my photos from this weekend!

I am so glad we were able to get together! We had a great time. 


  1. What a great weekend...looks like the kids had a blast. Hope all is well.


  2. Thanks for taking so many snaps! Great Grandma said she had a very good time!


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