Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Wreath Inspiration

Some friends and I have been plotting to spend some time together with glue guns and craft supplies to make fall wreaths or other decorations...

I'm the middle of three girls and of my sisters I consider myself to be the least crafty. In fact the first time I ever made a wreath was at a MOPs group when my oldest two were little. It was a pathetic little wreath that promptly fell apart. I haven't done much in the wreath department. Except for buy one from my bloggy friend Cole.

Obviously there are like a zillion fall wreath ideas out there on the world wide web but I thought I'd collect a few from some of my favorite blogs here. Most of these require little sewing only require only a few supplies.
from The Creative Mama you can switch out the embellishment for the season.
click for the tutorial 
from BleuBird Vintage yarn pom-poms!! Yarn pom poms are so easy to make! click for tutorial
from A Beautiful Mess fabric strips on a wire frame made from a hanger click here for a tutorial

Source: via Faith on Pinterest  and find a tutorial HERE
Source: via Faith on Pinterest a tutorial for making a similar wreath can be found here
yarn covered wreath with cloth yoyo flowers 
a great tutorial for making fabric flowers can be found here
How to make felt flowers (5 ways)
More tutorials for felt flowers can be found here & here & here and another here

Here is a post I found with more inspiration and tutorial links here I especially like this one and you can find more inspiration and tutorial links here and another fabric covered wreath tutorial


  1. I want to do all of these! I have done a ribbon wreath and a tulle wreath so far!

  2. Love all of them especially the first one. Still have to unpack the one from of my faves of all time! Hope all is well.


  3. oh my goodness those felt flowers are amazing!
    I am going to make them with burlap and lace and some vintage buttons I got from my moms friend!
    As a reply to your post - I am doing as many projects as i can a month till Thanksgiving :) It should bode well.
    I plan on blogging about all of them as soon as they are done! Esp. about the ice cream and the baked goods.
    Should be delicious. Very excited. Love all of these wreaths! And the H door frame.
    God Bless!

  4. I love the frame! I am going to have to do that at some point. Those last felt flowers are beautiful! I need to try. I've been really into the fabric strips (I call it a rag wreath for some reason?) I just hung two for fall and am making two more for jonah's birthday party. they are pretty easy but take some time.

  5. love the last ones... if only i could find the time now! ;)


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