Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sanctification is...

sometimes it comes in a moment with God's Word
sometimes it comes in a moment with hands lifted high in worship

But a lot of times, for me...

Sanctification is

Sleepless nights
and God's peace in the midst of baby cries
Too-early mornings
and a prayer of "help me!" lifted up over coffee

An hour with my own personal hell on wheels
A difficult moment with an insistent child
Hearing myself speak the very words that need to be spoken to me

Sometimes it's rough and ragged

It meets me in the shattered places of myself
The places of deep shame

It is two o'clock in the morning
On my face weeping
It is tears in the shower
and having just that moment of perspective that I needed

It's dirty socks
and dirty dishes
and dirty looks from should-be-thankful children

It's biting flies

And an a/c system that won't stay fixed

It's the irrationally strong, but really-not-that-crazy fear every time my family leaves me that maybe one day they won't all come back in one piece

But it's also trees smashing through roof tops 
and watching God provide grace and help in my time of need.

It's laughter when I felt like screaming two seconds ago

It's looking back and noticing all of the ways that God has been faithful to me

It's letting go if who I think I ought to be
It's watching God create in me someone I never would have imagined I could become

Sometimes it takes me by surprise
all of the many, many ways God is using to change me


  1. You just dont know how much I needed to hear this. I felt all these things today...and it's calming to know I'm not the only one. Thank you!

  2. Faith, this was deeply touching to me- how well you articulate the bitter sweet work of God to sanctify His children... as a kid I thought "Sanctification= memorizing my Bible" but now I'm learning that He also works through heart breaking circumstances, little everyday stresses that pile up mile high, and the overwhelming disappointment of my own weakness. I'm so thankful that the Lord draws near to his children when we feel our desperate need of Him.


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