Thursday, August 16, 2012

Instagrams & what I've been wearing

I didn't realize how long it's been since I posted my instagrams here until I looked back at my last post. IMG_3736 IMG_3466IMG_3478IMG_3479IMG_3480 IMG_3815IMG_3827 IMG_3507 IMG_3444IMG_3494IMG_3543
IMG_3846IMG_3896 IMG_3557IMG_3675IMG_3875 IMG_3917IMG_3912 IMG_3970IMG_3969 IMG_4062IMG_4061
I tried sushi for the first time!  There's a great place near us and it was delicious.IMG_4208 IMG_4120
I so love handprint art!
Of course they usually take it too far... but they enjoy it so much!


Josiah dressed up with Katie-Abigail. I have a feeling he is never going to live this one down.

Katie-Abigail is enjoying her birthday presents!

What I've worn
I haven't been taking many "what I' wore" photos lately but here we go...

LOVE my shorts - and purple!
IMG_3457 IMG_4162
Seriously gotta take more of these!

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  1. Orange Leaf!!! We have one of those where I live. Cotton Candy with marshmallow cream is the BEST!!


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