Monday, August 6, 2012

finally... pics from the beach - Part 1

can you see all seven of us? I've finally uploaded all of our beach photos from our trip to Clearwater Beach Florida! It's a mix of iPhone photos from the Hubs and me and from my DSLR. For me taking pictures of our beach trips is one of the highlights of our trip. I'm going to break the photos into a couple posts and schedule them out so it's not one massive photo dump. Today will mostly just be photos from our cell phones. I'll post the "good ones" from the camera tomorrow. One the way to Clearwater Beach... We drove all night. It cut down on the fighting but we arrived exhausted. I couldn't sleep in the car and Daniel only slept a little bit but it got us to the beach at the earliest possible time and didn't waste any of Daniel's days off driving.

good morning clearwater! Good morning Clearwater! headed to the beach from our motel
Heading to the beach
Faith & Eli on the beach my littles & me 
My kiddos and me (so thankful for the pics the Hubs took!!)
Beth looking for shells on the beach the park on the beach
I wish they had these covered outdoor parks in Augusta! Beth & Emma swinging swingingIMG_4299
It turns out Eli loves to swing!!
swinging Katie-Abigail found a shellshe is such a ham! 
Katie-Abigail is such a comedian!
getting covered They got thoroughly covered with sand!! buried feet Beth 
It's so good to see a smile on her face :)
Daniel & Eli "look at Mommy" Eli climbingthe kiddosjumping!!Josiah!!! on the rocks heading from our motel to the beach
Heading to the beach in swimsuits
on the beach
Daniel took some pics of us on the beach!!
on the beach with Elithe girls 2012-07-27 09.30.32 on the beach IMG_4345pizza Rita's!!!!! 
There was a Rita's Italian Ice & Custard place in Clearwater! We went twice during our trip.
Mmmmmmmm "look at my teeth Mommy!""are mine more red?" chillin in the roomIMG_4423 
Hanging out in our room... playing on the iPad...  
IMG_4426IMG_4428Rita's again!!
at Rita's again!

I've got tons more to share but that'll do it for today. Tomorrow I'll post more from my "big girl camera"


  1. Ooh Love beach pictures! I love the beach & summer! I do love that covered playground- I wish they had one here too! Clearwater is nice- I was there once- that whole area is very nice. You are from Augusta, GA? My company (ADP) has an office there somewhere...
    Looking forward to the big girl camera shots... :)


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